I think most of these pictures were taken on the same night - although I don't remember which - they all blend in together. It was the night before deep-sea fishing, I believe, because Ben W. turned in for the night, so we walked him back, only to run into Jamey and Ben R, so we turned around and went out again. We spent most of the time acting like morons and finding places to take pictures. You wouldn't believe how many people said something about my slippers. It's like they've never seen stupid slippers before. I decided that next year, the whole family will wear stupid slippers, so we may always be identifiable. ("Excuse me, have you seen my cousins?"  "With the stupid slippers just like yours? Yeah, over there")
Really, they were great for beach walking, in a similar manner of snowshoes. They skimmed the sand.
The island is loaded with Hoosiers - every beach tends to be regional - and ours is home to people from Indiana and Michigan. I kept waiting to see someone I knew.
We did meet a guy who took a picture of our slippers together - and we saw him again the next night. He's at the bottom of this page.
Towards the end of the night my batteries were conking out and the Rouch boys were goin' fishin', so we finally headed back to our homes.





(Slipper Dude, if you're out there, e-mail me!)