Sean and I arrived the Monday night before Christmas into Indianapolis. Mary Ellen and Aunt Ferne were already there, and the Boones were at Steve & Susan's. There were about 12 kinds of cookies in the kitchen. We passed out soon after arriving.
On Christmas Eve day, Jeff bought my Mom a car. Then he and Mary Ellen drove around trying to find a big bow (they found one at a furniture store). It has a CD player, so I can make my Mom CDs! Pictured below them are Louie and Rocky.
We had Grandpa Bob and Connie over for Christmas, as well as all of the Boones. I finally got to meet my cousin's daughter, Ashlyn, who is 2 and a half. Later that night, Aunt Ferne busted out her old pictures and keepsakes, including a receipt from when a relative sold his farm in.... 1927? It had a hand-written list of every item sold (including livestock) and the price. It was very cool. My Mom also got us these print-outs with our name crests and name history. She couldn't find anything for the name Dayment. Hmmm....
Later on we had hot chocolate and coffee and played cards.
Grandpa Bob is doing very well, thank you.


We heard the forecast all day that snow was arriving, and it certainly snowed!
We ran outside and played.
More snow!
What are they all looking at?
(Connie, Grandpa Bob, Jenny, Aunt Ferne, Mom, Linda, Conor, Jeff)
Ashlyn is a party, just like her mother

Smitty is a strange cat. He stands up all the time, just chillin'. If you still don't pay attention to him, then he'll wave his front paws above his head. He puts his arms around your neck and hugs you with surprising strength. My mother has never owned normal pets.
Mom & I beat Sean & Jeff in euchre two games in a row. Jeff figured it was some sort of bad mojo and performed this loud tribal dance. It worked.
Either that, or Rocky's mojo changed the whole karma of the house.