We got to Steve & Susan's via frozen roads. They live on Lake Wawasee with Susan's kids, Michael and Lisa.
Every year we do stockings, and every year we have way too many gifts to put into the stockings, so this year they made the pool table into stocking sections, with each place marked with a personalized (paper) stocking.
I can't tell you how many hours it took us to unwrap gifts. It was gluttonous. Sean got tons of great cooking stuff, so much that we had to mail it all back to our house. Mom got me about half of my Amazon Wish List.
It was exhausting!

Steve's been in this house since I was in elementary school, and they had it completely remodeled last year and this year. Susan did some incredible house painting and decorating.

It was a great house for Christmas festivities.
(Do you see all those gifts?!

I didn't get my fill of my family time. I rarely do.

Ashlyn & Lisa buried in gifts
Even Maverick and Keifer were exhausted
The stocking table
I'm doing Mike's nails
Steve passes out on his bounty
Conor and Mike playing pool with remote control cars
in place of sticks
Sean playing with the car
Me & Cousin Jenny
The next day Sean & I spent the day packing up our Christmas gifts to send home, and I helped break down her tree while Sean finished building her new computer. Jeff headed down to Florida to pick up his Dad, so the Boones gave him a lift to Indianapolis. I've already heard from everyone and we all made it home okay.