(Dad's side of the family)

My terrible panorama of the west of Dad's house (I'm on a deck on the second floor)
Left picture far away - little yellow house at the top of the hill -
that's Susan's parents' house, which she and Ben are moving in to!
Susan's parents are retiring and building another house on the property for themselves.
On the right behind those trees is a vegetable garden that would make Martha jealous.

Due north is the barn, and past that is the shelter (you can kinda see the fencing)
To the east are more trees and fields

Lucky the cat - and she IS Lucky!

Sadie smiles

Dad & Kay's parakeets Taylor & Jordan.
Kay has a young neice who's very chatty, and her name is Taylor Jordan.
Hence the chatty birds' names (Dad named them).

The dogs hear Dad coming and they bolt out of their dog-doors barking, which makes Sadie race Murray along the fence.
Man, they are FAST.

Rose has an injured foot and can't go out to the dog runs (private patio, but no dog run), so Dad played with her for a bit

Done running

Sadie & Lacey