The deck at my Grandparent's lakehouse on Diamond Lake

Cassopolis (Michigan) is dying. The lakes in the area are doing great, but the "downtown" is a ghost town.
Pictured above are three or four closed down businesses on the main drag (including the Arby's)

Dad always brings cut roses to Grandma's
(Dad's house and the lakehouse are about 30 minutes apart)

You all know Julie & Laura by now

Julie, Tim and Grandpa

Tim's grilling duck, of course

This was SO GOOD. Laura made it.
It's spinach artichoke dip, with parmesan and feta, all wrapped in that
cresent dough, and baked. YUM.
(And if any of you want to order something from Pampered Chef, let me know.)

Julie, Kay, Val

Bringing the boat in

Poker (and I taught them "Guts")

Wes & Laura

Erin & Craig