(^ check out these people ducking)  
Sean thought we were going to a hockey game, but he didn't know who would be meeting us there:
Lee, Andrea and Mick (they came down from Vancouver!), Jon, Matt & Fernanda, Noah & Monica, Pete & Anne, Todd & Carter, Sara & Jeremy, John & Mikey, Tara & Ryan, Samantha, Manuel, Josh & Emily & Iggy, and Marc & Sarah & Ryan. That's not including the five (Count em! FIVE!) no shows.

Lee & Sean (Marc & Sarah got him that hat)

Sean, Me, Andrea, Mick 
Josh, Emily, Iggy
Sara & Jeremy
Sean & I
Tara & Ryan

John & Mikey

Carter & Todd
Fernanda & Matt
New families!
Mascot Hockey! Wooo!
Happy 37th Sean.... Take Off Eh!

Andrea & Mick

Post Game Antics
Jon's new t-shirt
Josh & Iggy

Todd talking to me
Thanks to everyone who made it! I really appreciate it!
(Here are the from the invite.)