Our friends came over to help Sean make dinner. Each person brought groceries to complete the meal.
We had steak tacos, halibut tacos, corn casserole, Osama's black beans, Tara's taco dip, burnt banana cake, and lots of beer and wine. We even had homemade tortillas from a friend of Amy's!
Thanks to everyone for all their help!

Sam and Sean in the greasy kitchen

Sean using his new chopper

Dinner Crowd


Sean's birthday cake


Bill and Curtis look more alike each year

Camera Hijinks

Sean & I

Jon & Kolja

Jon wearing Sean's jeans (spilled wine)

Nanda & Matt

Post-cake conversation


Sam and Cathy

Aren't they cute?


Me (wearing the scarf the tortillas came in ) and Kolja

Hobbes enjoys the coats

Matt tells Sean Happy Birthday
(we missed you Alexandra)