Our wedding  •  October 1994  •  London, Ontario

Susan, Debra, Roxanne, Jen, Charis (my Mom), me, Sean, Rob, Justin, Joe, Shane, Michael, Bill, Herb

Old-School Wedding Picture

Walking away Daymented

Sean with his Mom & Dad


I just belched and it echoed throughout the church

Deck: Steve, Debbie, Michaela, Mindy, Jason, Shane, Joe, Richard
Us with Sean's sister Tori

Dad's Speech:
"Forget the speeches, let's party."

Back of my dress

Dad & I dance to "Don't Dream it's Over" by Crowded House
Wedding took place at Riverside United Church, Reception at West Haven Golf & Country Club
My dress was 25 yards, but only cost about $6.50 a yard! Yes, it's gold.
All the guys wore Converse to match the dress they walked down the aisle with
We lost the guest book briefly before the wedding. Jeff went back to the B&B they were staying at to pick it up.
Just as we were starting to begin the wedding, someone said to the men "Where are you boutonnieres?" And they said "The what?!" So then Tim Rouch was sent to find a "box of boutonnieres" and much later he returned and said "What's a boutonniere?" So minutes and minutes go by and I'm hiding downstairs (so Sean doesn't see me), gritting my teeth and looking at my Mom saying "Why don't they just walk down the aisle?" And then I hear Shane exclaim (as it echoes through the lobby) "Why does mine have a bow?" I love that part of our video. The bridesmaids are scrambling to pin these bouquets, any bouquet, on all the guys, and you see Dad silently saunter up, grab a big ole Grandma's bouquet, pin it on his lapel, and clap his hands in front of him.
Canadians will drink you dry with an open bar.
Joe caught the garter. He wasn't married to Jen until 1999, though. (They divorced in 2003.)
Jason Lajeunesse passed out three different times at our reception, including once on Sean's Dad's car.
Creature Cantina played at our wedding rehearsal party.
Aug. 27th - my birthday and the day of Puke Fest 94 (a giant punk gig/farm party in the outskirts of Ontario) Sean says "Hey let's shave my head." And ya know? Why not? It's Puke Fest, his cousin's band is playing at the festival, he'll have a month and a half for it to grow out, and he's never shaved his head before. It was fun! We shaved his head on a lovely summer afternoon on the porch of our 100-year old Victorian home and .... wouldn't you know it? His *!^$#*@ hair didn't grow. At all. The one month in his life his head took a hair-growing rest and it was then!  So he looked 14 on our wedding day.
There are no pictures of me with both my mother and father that day. None. Yes, they are divorced.
I had welts in my shoulders for days from the straps holding up the weight of my dress, and it took me about 30 minutes to wash the beehive out of my hair, and another 20 to brush it all out.
We watched Beavis & Butthead in our Honeymoon Suite and fell right asleep. I was on my period.