It started snowing early this morning and it never stopped. It still hasn't stopped. Baby's first snowfall! Arrgh for not having a camera to capture it. It's big and fluffy and covering our neighborhood - Sean heard a report of 10-15 centimeters.
After lazing about doing nothing all day, we decided to stock up on groceries for the next couple days so we wouldn't have to leave the house again, so Sean headed out in the evening and I started doing some laps in the living room while singing to Ever (Destiny by Zero 7) even though there was no plan to put her to sleep, really, but I just liked that song. Then another good song came on, and another, and round and round we went singing songs while she held on to me and the snow fell outside the living room window.
By the time Sean got home Ever was pretty groggy and content and snuggly and he just melted (come to think of it, he did just come in from the snow). He set down his groceries and held the two of us in a long hug while Tom Petty sang "Woman in Love" and there we gathered for a while. It was one of those moments - you know, those moments - one that I hope I'll never forget.
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Not only is the camera broken, but the cable went out four minutes before ER started.
* sigh *
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I Have Time To Write This, Because Sean Will Be Holding Ever For The Next Seventeen Hours
Before I go on, I have to tell you something. And this hurts me much more than it will hurt you, unless of course you are one of Ever's many grandmothers.
I broke our camera. Like, broke. Not working at all. Can't even take the pictures off of it. Can't turn it off or on. Broken.
I can't begin to tell you how upset I am. But... I didn't drop the baby! I dropped the camera instead. That should count for something.
Shane has our old camera, which you know I'll be getting back from him, but he and Katie are on their honeymoon for another ten days or something, so y'all sit tight and I'll continue pacing. Okay.
I was in Seattle!
I didn't mention it because I wanted to surprise Johnston Architects (which I did!) and I went to visit Amy's Dad Morrie, who had a stroke when Erin was out here and I knew I had to go there to visit him. That's why I worked so hard to get all the car stuff taken care of last week. It was important. I didn't get the chance to see everyone I would have liked to, but it was the first time taking Ever away from Sean so I had to be quick.
I stayed with the Setterbergs ("the Landlords" - they were our landlords in Seattle for seven years) which was awesome. The first night we went to Azteca to have a reunion of sorts, as it was about one year ago now that I told these friends at Azteca that I was pregnant. Ever also got to spend some quality time with Jon & Amy and Amy's Mom, Diane. Once we got home to Dan & Maureen's that night, however, Ever decided that it was time to start teething with a vengeance, and moments after getting home, Dan & I were back out the door to the drug store and Maureen was consoling a shrieking Ever with kind words and ice cubes. It was amazing, though, that about ten minutes after getting a dose of Orajel and baby Tylenol, she was nursing peacefully. Poor kid.
Monday we headed over to Johnston Architects which was awesome - I haven't visited them since moving away. Isn't that awful? Fourteen months -and I thought I'd be going down there ever 6-8 weeks or something. Stupid imported vehicles. Anyway, a bunch of us walked to Met Market and had lunch and I made plans to stop by again the next day.
I visited my old house, which is currently empty, and my neighbor Sylvia and her kids, and finally Diane and Morrie (it was GREAT to see "Grandma Diane and Papa Morrie"), and then Ever took her first nap at 6:15 p.m. Once at the Setterbergs she kept sleeping until 8:45 so we just stayed in and watched TV. Did anyone see that Dr. Phil with those crack/heroin addicts? HOLEY MOLEY. I've already asked Debra to Tivo the second part. I can't stop thinking about it.
I decided to stay another whole day, much to Sean's dismay, Ray May Jay Kay lay say...and I got a pedicure with Caitlin, walked around U-Village, had a great dinner with Maggi, and dashed back up to Shoreline to watch Nick perform with his high school jazz band, which Ever LOVED. She was still and staring through the whole show. I bought their CD for her to listen to on the way home.
(Kim, I planned to see you and visit Sylvia again, but it was late and rainy and we were SO ready to unwind for the night. I'm so sorry we missed you and the puppies!!)
So after the show Ever & I had a relaxing night at home while the rest of the family went to pick up Seth at the airport (coming home from University for Thanksgiving). We stayed up pretty late talking and the next morning, after sleeping in, I planned on leaving around noon. I also planned to get Sean some Como bread and myself some goodies at Trader Joe's, but it's the busiest grocery shopping day of the year (tomorrow is Thanksgiving), along with being the busiest travel day of the year, so I didn't get onto I-5 in Lynnwood until 2:30, and met solid, locked traffic. Mercifully, Ever passed out. And stayed that way. It took 45 minutes to get to Everett. And forever to get to the border off-ramp, only to meet the line-up shortly after the truck exit (that's a long line at the border, folks). I pulled over into the Duty Free shop to nurse Ever in the back seat, packed her back up, spent about 40 minutes getting through the border, then met more solid, dead-stopped traffic. At this exact time, the radio station I was listening to did a traffic report and they stated that there was an accident in Cloverdale on 176th Street blocking all north and south traffic from going through. And that's when I realized - that's where we are. And there we sat. For about 30 minutes. Once we got past that, Highway 1 was a freaking mess, and I finally got home at 7:10.
Ever was still asleep.
Now keep in mind that this drive usually takes about 2.5 hours, maybe even less from Lynnwood to Burnaby. Even with traffic and a line at the border you'd think maybe 3.5 hours. It took 4 hours and 40 minutes. Oh yeah. Sean was just a bit worried.
We are all safe and sound and fed and relaxed now. I'm surprised that Ever is asleep once again. Somehow all that sleep on the road wore her out.
I have a bunch of pictures on my camera, but.... they're stuck on there. I am contacting Casio (the camera is a Casio) tomorrow.
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I'm just now able to sit down and write to you guys. I actually started last night but Ever decided that she wanted to party until 12:30 (as in midnight) so it didn't happen.
Erin visited us for five days, and in that time she went to two Safeways, three liquor stores, to get our taxes done, to my Mommy Group, did the dishes about six times, made us dinner, and spent many hours holding Ever. I think there was one occasion where she was able to wave at Vancouver. We had an awesome time, though, and I can't wait to see her again.
Noah & Monica were also here Friday and Saturday and with them we went to a great diner for breakfast, the Roots outlet store by our house, and two Costcos. I tell ya, we really know how to entertain around here.
Today I took in the minivan to get it all set up for importing and blah blah blah. Remember the Honda was $880? Yeah. The minivan was $1100. They're killing us. But now I know the minivan will be super-duper for a while. It even got two new tires. Tomorrow I get to insure and register it, which should only be about $600 more. YAYY!
Ever is drooling tons, making headway towards crawling (still kinda frogging along, but we can see that it's gonna happen early for her), sleeping only on her belly, splashing like gangbusters in her tub, nursing with great difficulty during the day but nursing like a champ overnight, and she's still sleeping from around 11 pm - 11 am nightly. She also coos quite often and I finally got her to laugh the other day simply by laughing my head off until she finally politely laughed with me. It was like the best song I've ever heard.
She will be 4 months old on the 20th.
Vancouver, as Seattle, has broken records in rainfall. It's been cold and windy and rainy for about two weeks now. That's enough. Thanks.
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If I Could Type Faster, I'd Tell You So Much More, and
Importing a Vehicle into Canada

Last weekend some 6rmsers came up to visit us - Josh and Emily and their two-year-old Iggy, and Sam and Cathy and their five-month-old Mazin. It was so awesome having them around for a few days - I wish we could all get together more often. We hit some restaurants but mostly sat around and talked, and they did a lot of walking around downtown Vancouver, most of which we tried to avoid. I still don't know Ever's sleeping schedule. I don't think Ever knows it, either. It's all over the place.
As well as the visit, they also brought American butter, Nestle Toll House morsels, and Trader Joe's peanut butter cups, all of which were extremely appreciated.
I love my friends.
Estella gets here tomorrow for five days!! I know she goes by her real name (Erin) now, but Estella is still her name in my brain.
She asked me what the temperature is like and how many pairs of flip-flops to bring. I responded "Zero. And zero." She is in Arizona so this will definitely be a change for her.
It's been raining to the point of breaking all sorts of records here in Vancouver and also in Seattle. It's flooding along the rivers everywhere. It's supposed to continue into next week, so I guess I should have told Estella to bring galoshes.
Last night Sean and I finally got Ever her first vaccinations. It was three big shots in her upper legs (after much deliberation we decided to skip Hep B for now).
Let me tell you - this was by far the toughest thing we've had to do as parents so far. She CRIED, and not only cried, but cried in PAIN and it broke our hearts. We finally got her asleep after a few hours, only to have her wake up at midnight and cry in pain for another hour. Today she slept in until 11 and she woke up chatting, so now I know it's passed. But UGH I can't believe we have to do this again in two months.
Did I tell you about the Honda? I didn't. Well let me tell you, the Honda is now officially legal, imported, registered and insured, and on the road with a BC license plate. It only took 14 months and about $1500! We had to get it fixed and approved for Canada and installed with daytime running lights, and after that was all said and done the bill was $880 (and we were quoted $250 when we brought it in). That's not including the import fees, insurance, etc. Oh and the front brakes still need to be done. Urgently. If we decide to sell the Honda in the next year we have to pay sales tax on it, so we may just have Sean drive it and sell his Kia back in the States. So for any of you who get here by searching "Importing a vehicle to Canada" or "Importing a car to Canada" lemme tell you - DON'T. Just... don't. What an endless nightmare this has been, and we have to do it all again for the minivan (that Sean's Mom gave us - from California) in the next two weeks or we get penalized. We're running out of people to borrow money from.
I've been in contact with Enetations - the company that does the comments on my site. So far no change and comments are still not showing the count. And half the time they aren't working at all. I don't know what to tell you. I'm definitely in the market for a new comment company if they can't fix it, but I really want my old comments to remain - including the 122 comments from the day Ever was born. (I'm using a different code to get comments on this page - all of the other pages have the old code from Enetations - which isn't working, but they say they're still in business so we'll see what happens.)