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Culver eyes?
Anyone see a resemblance yet?
(Stupid, stupid, non-working comments. Hmpf.)

Sean said "Psst!" and I turned my head to see her dig her toes into the bed, aim her head forward, and scoot about half an inch. And then do it another two or three times. Then she lifted her head and the weight was too much (those cheeks) and frustration kicked in again. But! Those couple inches! This is crazy!
At night she's now swaddled and in this little form with foam on the sides to keep her from rolling over. Otherwise I wake up to punches and kicks and grunts and groans of "TRACTION! I NEED TRACTION!"
Today she wore her chicken suit while out running errands with me and she was so cute heads were exploding all around me.
P.S. Setting a baby on a rolling pin to help her crawl is kinda similar to... setting a baby on a rolling pin to help her crawl. She responded by saying "??? I believe someone just laid me down on a rolling pin."

The day Ever turned 12 weeks old (the day after we reconvened the procedure, thank you), she rolled over from her back to her belly. This was good news in the relative scope of things, but before we could high-five her we noticed a problem: she was desperately trying to crawl. Her little frog legs were kicking like crazy and after just one day she figured out to pull her arms free from beneath her, pull her head up, and from there she would swim swim swim in place. And get SO MAD that she wasn't getting anywhere.
This could be my fault. When she was just a couple weeks old the strength of her frog legs so astounded me, I would set her on the bed belly down, then place my hands still below her feet, and she would KICK! and push off of my hands and slither forward on the bed. Over and over and over again. She could easily frog from one side of the bed to the other.
Now when she rolls over she arches her head up, pulls her hands forward, and then waits for one of us to put our hands below her feet so she has a launching pad. Without this, her legs kick in the air and she can't get any traction. While this may sound cute, consider now that I don't wake up to a smiling baby anymore, but a baby on her belly, flailing, groaning and grunting, trying to crawl.
They say that babies start crawling anywhere from 5-10 MONTHS. She's three months old today. I keep telling this to Ever but she's not listening, but instead shouting "Traction! I NEED TRACTION! LET'S GO PEOPLE!"
I'm actually considering putting a rolling pin under her armpits to see if that works. I don't want her frustrated every time she lays down for the next 6 months.
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