Last night we collected all the bottles and dishes from the patio; this morning I swept the floor of jordan almonds and candy necklace strings...We had some friends over for my birthday - and we also celebrated the completion of our new screened in back patio that Sean and Shane have been building for the last week. The weather was perfect so we spent most of the evening in the patio. Or veranda, as Jon calls it.
I want to thank Josh, Emily, Jon, and Amy for helping with so much of the housework at the last minute. Emily even vacuumed!
As the evening wore down, Matt and Emily played mp3's on our computer/stereo combo of Salt-n-Pepa, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, and the like.

Sean, Me, Truly
I went in to work at Johnston Architects today, but there was little to do. They didn't even need a post office run. So I spent an hour in hot traffic for a half hour of work.
Speaking of which, I had an interview with Sound Transit last Thursday for their communications department, including working for their public art program. It's an exceptional opportunity for me, especially with school possibly starting soon (if I'm accepted into the program!) The last thing I want to do while going to night school is wake up at 3:30 a.m. to open Starbucks. I also look forward to a responsible job again. I will let you all know if I get called for a second interview.
My Dad quit his job, and it caused quite a stir in the media. He has decided to take a year off, which really isn't time off, as he works at his animal shelter on his property for hours a day.
We found out that our friends Joe and Jen are getting a divorce. Sean and I were in their wedding August 1999. We've been friends with Joe since we lived in Las Vegas, and we dragged him to London, Indiana, Michigan, and Seattle. Soon after we settled in Seattle, I met Jen, who met Joe, and the rest was history. So we have a history with them as a couple, and it's been difficult for us, emotionally.
My birthday cake is presently cooling; Sean didn't have time to bake it yesterday. So now it's ALL MINE. I also plan to send a piece of it to a girl named Tracy, who I've never met before. She saw my Amazon Wishlist via Nervousness.org, and BOUGHT one of my listed books for my birthday. Talk about random acts of kindness!
Last weekend was Fernanda's Going Away Party - I made a page for it here.



Emily's Parents Rockin' at the Beach Party was last weekend. Here are some pictures:

Part of the back yard
Part of Fernanda
Jon and Amy
The other part of the back yard
Limbo - Josh
Limbo - Matt
Limbo - Shane
The Evil Croquet Game
Shane makes a tough shot
Jon & Sean for the love of the game
Josh shows some skin
Shane - Croquet Master
The Gang
We passed time at the party with not only croquet, but also beach ball soccer. After sporting, we played cards and danced to 80's music.
Last night was Fernanda's going away party - she's moving to London, and then going back to Brazil. We drank and ate Brazilian food and had a nice time in her back yard.
I dyed my hair light brown and have made a personal swear to not do anything to my hair until Christmas. We all know that it won't last past August. But it's nice to try.....
Hopefully I'll be hooking up with Truly some time this week to make wedding invitations with her. Her shower is this Friday night!
Dad's birthday is Tuesday and I have no idea what to do for him.....
The hamburger condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, and Vaseline

I'm going to school starting this fall!
The program is called Multimedia Design and it's a certification through University of Washington. I will get more information about it Tuesday night so I'll let you know more later. Jon and I are also taking ASL III this fall.
Sean's brother Ryan was here last week - he's 19 (same age as my brother Todd). We took him to a club to see Jason's band play, out with the Starbucks girls, to Six Arms on Thursday night, and to see the movie Signs (I LOVED it). I hope he had a good time.
Tuesday night was our neighborhood block party. We have it every year, and a paltry amount of people show up. I spent way too much money making sandwiches that fell apart.
Wednesday night was Automaton at the I-Spy.
Tonight was another Starbucks night at the Old Spaghetti Factory. That's my week!

Cousinly Love
It sounds so simple, but actually, if you throw two jobs in there plus painting (I've been painting with Shane), it adds up to a pretty busy week.
And if you wonder why I'm not updating lately, it's because I'm working on too many other projects for other people and going broke in the process.