Go to Google.com, go to image search, and type: bad perms.
Thank you. Thank you very much.

What can I say? The kid likes to dance to Amy Winehouse.
Yeah, she likes other standards as well, but she doesn't do this to kid's music.
She is done filming her commercial. It was two full days of work, and unfortunately I can't say much else due to confidentiality reasons. The commercial airs in October and I'll remind you all when the time comes.
She slept in until 10 this morning and giggled all day, so I don't think the experience has harmed her in any way. She didn't cry the whole two days, and loved all the attention.
I thought it was pretty neato.
Gotta get her to sleep now....

I'll try to type as much as I can before Ever wakes up or I'll pass out (it's late). I'm so sorry I haven't updated - I'm impressed any of you are still here!
It hasn't been easy to update. My new computer is still wonky; we think that a new graphics card will help, but in the meantime there is a ton of stuff to be installed and transferred, so I plugged in my old computer to update, and hopefully it won't crash on me.
Ever is now ten months old. She cut her first tooth without any notice on Mother's Day, and over the next week it slowly surfaced. She dances quite often to music (and even the Nokia default ringtone), is getting better at cruising (no walking yet), and is still immensely sociable.
She had her first TV commercial audition last week for (large toy company #1). Soon after that she had a second audition for a (large toy company #2) commercial, and she got the job. Today we had "wardrobe" and this weekend she begins filming. Supposedly the commercial will air worldwide, so I hope she enjoys filming. So far, she's quite enjoyed the auditions and she had a good time at wardrobe today. She seems to like anything involving people talking to her.
Trying to catch up....
Amy & Jon's birth mother decided to keep her baby, and it broke my heart to have my last update up for so long without any good news after. They are still in the adoption process, though, so we hope they will have a family by this summer.
Joe & Jean had their second child - a boy - Chandler John, named after Joe's Mom's maiden name and Jean's twin brother John. So no Friends jokes.
Ever's Nana, Sean's Mom Margeret, came to visit last month. It was a nice time since her sister Sharon, Geneva's Grandma, was also here the same weekend. We also scored a new TV out of the deal, which is GREAT timing since we made the living room into Ever's playroom now, and the original TV in there didn't work. Needless to say we spend a lot of time in the living room now. I was still watching ER, plus this year I got hooked on Dancing With the Stars and was rooting for Apolo all season. (Yeah Joey was great, but he was in N'Sync, so in my mind he was already a professional dancer - not fair.) Now that it's summer I don't know what I'll be watching.
Ever and I went to Indiana for Carrie's bridal shower, and at the airport, Sarah McLachlan was playing with Ever while I was dealing with customs. I didn't know it was her - I turned around and saw that a pregnant woman had her and thought "okay she's fine" and turned back around. Later, an airport security employee helped me schlep my stuff and stroller and Ever to security and she said "Do you know who was holding your baby?!?" and I thought "This is airport security?" Anyway, at security Sarah came up again and held Ever while I dealt with all of my stuff, and we talked a while about babies and birthing (she's due in July) and strollers, etc. She was SO GOOD with Ever, holding her the whole time, and I told her if she ever wanted a job as a nanny to give me a call (heh).
The next week, there was a picture of Sarah McLachlan at the Vancouver airport May 2 in Us magazine. I'm happy to say that my pictures are better!
On the way to Ever's second audition I was pulled over for having no insurance (it expired the previous day and we didn't know - the system is very different here and you have to tell them to re-new your policy - we thought it just continued on unless you let them know otherwise. We were wrong). The officer was super nice and asked where we were going, and I sheepishly said "She has an audition for a TV commercial." He didn't give us a ticket (AWESOME) and called us a cab. When the cab didn't show up, he said he'd feel guilty knowing that Ever missed a chance at being in a commercial, and he gave us a ride in his van. So we pulled up to the studio in a police van. It was a pretty funny experience, and I need to e-mail him to let him know Ever got the job!
Tomoka gets here in two weeks and we are stoked, although we still need to build her a bed, buy some storage bins for her, make room in her closet, etc. Ten days after arriving she'll fly with us to Indiana for my step-brother Todd's wedding. Yayy!
I started a diet last week and was planning on doing exercise DVD's in the living room, but Ever sees that as a chance to climb all over me, so now I'm just trying to avoid baking batches of cookies all for myself, Pepsi, Starbucks, and hot tea (with tons of milk and sugar) all day, plus Ever and I are getting out for some good walks as often as possible. It's not happening as fast as I'd hoped, but I'm still nursing so I can't be too drastic anyway. I hope to lose 20 pounds to get back to my original weight, and back into a size 8. Hopefully I can do this before getting pregnant again. I'm still 150 pounds, which is my post-pregnancy weight, and that crap about breastfeeding making the pounds just fall off is hogwash. Unless maybe it happens after you wean? But I don't plan on weaning any time soon. I've never really had a problem with my weight but I can only assume that NOT making a whole batch of molasses cookies for lunch can help. Don't you think?
Ever is eating anything we give her now - pickles, Pad Thai (the old lady at the Thai restaurant came up and said "Even Thai babies don't like Pad Thai!"), liver and onions, all vegetables. She LOVES zucchini! And Cheerios always cheer her up, so now I understand the name.
I have more but I've got to get to bed. I hope I can update again soon....