There's too much out there for me to wrap my head around
What media player do you guys use, and do you like it? We've finally re-built our stereo computer (it conked out on us - we had no choice) and I'd like to find a new player. We've used Real Jukebox and Music Match, and now I'm open to suggestions. Clean interface, many playlists, easy-to-view layout, etc. Keep in mind that this computer is ONLY used as a stereo so space isn't a problem. PC.

• I have 505 employment hours. I can no longer work 8+ hour shifts (I'm on my feet the whole time) so my goal (the 600 hours required for maternity leave) has been pushed back to the end of June.
• It's rainy and cloudy and cool now - the heat wave is LONG past us.
Aunt Nancy is coming to visit in a few weeks!
• Still no Hobbes, and Dominique is behaving like a cat who lost her life partner.
JenB called to say she watches ER and we ended up talking for forever.
• The electrical cord of our Kitchenaid stand mixer has two slices in it - going all the way to the inside copper wire. Calling Kitchenaid is like calling a computer call center in India. Very. Frustrating. Still no reply as to how I can get a replacement cord.
Uncle Wes and Aunt Val have information of their new baby in China (click that link, she's ADORABLE)! This means that Craig and Chelsea are about to have a new baby sister, and the whole Culver Family is gonna get two babies around the same time! These babies will be seven months apart in age. Yayy!

32.5 weeks

Anybody else freaking out over the season finale of ER???
Shane: It must be tough playing for a team called The Mighty Ducks. I mean, what does that do to their egos?
Me: Ohhhhhhhh, I think they're doing just fine.
Sean: Yeah for what? 400k a year? I'd play for The Mighty Faggots. Hell, The Ass Rammers, I don't care.


I should first remind you that our house (for 7 years) in Seattle had a non-working broiler, so I'm not used to having a broiler. Not that it's a good excuse, I just wanted to remind you.
I had a batch of tuna casserole in the oven, ready to go, then realized that I forgot to put the lid on it. So I grabbed the lid and stuck my hand in the pre-heating oven and stuck my fingers right onto the broiler element, which was pre-heating, so it was on. OH how it was ON. My skin and the meat below it cooked like chicken.
Apparently this is a bad month for right middle fingers in the Dayment household.
Speaking of which, Sean's finger is healing surprisingly well, a recent picture is here if you can stomach it.
Still working six days a week, hoping to reach my goal of 600 employment hours in Canada (required for the year-long maternity leave) before the baby comes. If I can keep it up just four more weeks, I will have all the hours needed a full month before my due date (July 19). This is good since my store is being closed for remodeling June 17 and the whole crew will be dispatched to other area Starbucks for ten days. If I know I have my hours by then, it won't be so stressful. Plus I'll be able to go back to part-time for the last couple weeks of work. I hope to be done working entirely by July 7. Susan (my childhood friend and doula) arrives July 12; Mom & Jeff arrive July 16. Shane & Katie's wedding on the island is July 15, but my attendance yet to be determined, obviously.
And for those keeping a running tally of how many hours I've worked (cousin Jen), I'll have 470 by Saturday afternoon.
The nursery is still waiting for final touches, then we'll clean up and assemble the furniture. Vancouver is currently in a heat wave (just like Seattle) so this weekend will work out well, since the weather is supposed to cool down significantly with some rain.
A lot of people/customers have asked if I'm nervous being fully pregnant in the "heat" of July, but I laugh and tell them I'm from Vegas, so actually, I feel blessed. I'll take 80 degrees over 115 degrees any day, pregnant or not. I've also encountered quite a few opinions as I was warned would happen. One Starbucks manager had her baby at only 6 months - weighing 1 pound, 10 ounces (this was a year ago - the baby's okay now). When I asked if they knew what caused the early labor, she replied "Uh, cuz I was working at Starbucks." Ugh. It's physical work, sure, but I ain't in a field picking beans or doing construction. Another customer today told me she had her baby a month early because she kept working. A DESK job. Sheesh! I do have some good comments, too. One older Italian man asked what I was having, and I said we didn't know, and he said "Can I tell you, then?" And I said sure, and he said "You're having a boy" and the little Chinese woman a few feet away from us started nodding her head vigorously.
It's going to be extra sad having a Calvin with no more Hobbes (if we do have a boy). I can't believe he disappeared two months before the baby arrived. And no, I don't think it's one of those psychological stories where the family pet disappears with the addition of a baby. It's just not like Hobbes. He's fiercely attached to us. And he's gone.
My focus is work and putting up my feet as much as possible. The midwife says the baby is already in a head-down position (!) so all those times I had a hold of nice, meaty baby meat, it was actually the butt. My belly's been a bit lopsided for most of the pregnancy with the baby hanging out on the right side - the head down, the butt at my navel, and the legs and feet tucked under my right ribs. I've gained 26 pounds and it's about 32 cm long. No other major changes except maybe being a bit more clumsy, and squatting continues to get more difficult (even getting stuff out of the little fridges at work is a chore). Sean has scolded me for not doing my labor exercises. He's right. He'll say "Are you doing your kegels?" and I'll say "Yes! Yes I am! As a matter of fact, I'm doing them right now!" and he knows I'm lying. Even if I make a funny concentrating face.

P.S. For fans of Starbucks Anniversary Blend (especially the first year it came out) I highly recommend getting some (kinda expensive - especially in Canada) Kopi Kampung. It's a limited addition, so stock up. Especially if you, like me, like the really smooth, creamy, non-acidic coffees and you drink coffee with cream. Pairs well with other smooth, alkaline things like cheeses. I'm getting some and putting it in my freezer to celebrate much, much later from now. Oh, and the site says it's spicy, which I just don't get - I don't like spicy coffees (i.e. Christmas Blend) but I love this stuff. It's a Black Apron Exclusive, so we can't get it as our mark-out (our free pound of coffee a week - a Starbucks employee benefit). So no, I can't get any for you!

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