Happy News!
Our very own Jon and Amy are adopting a baby girl! She's due April 19 so they have a very short amount of time before becoming PARENTS! They started the adoption stuff last fall and the birth mother chose them earlier this week.
I hope to get down to Seattle to visit the THREE of them as soon as they are settled in their new life - we are very excited for them! They are registered at Amazon.com and Toys R Us, so if you wish to send them anything, just e-mail me.
Ever is happy as... ever. She is crawling and climbing like a monkey, laughing all the time, understanding the purpose of books, and sticking her tongue out. She's having a great time at our local indoor pool, although it's a bit overwhelming to her (it's more like an indoor water park full of kids), and takes swimming classes every Friday.
Ever is also closer to walking every day - she is adept at walking along furniture and tables and she's got the thighs of an Olympian.
No teeth yet - and she's 8 1/2 months old now - her cousin Geneva got her first tooth yesterday (and Geneva is two weeks younger than Ever), so now the race is on.
Her Nana (Sean's Mom) comes out to visit us in a couple weeks!
I'm sorry my blog's been so sporadic lately. It's hard enough getting down here (our computers are in the basement) to do the laundry, let alone post pictures and blog. I'm still trying to update Flickr and YouTube as often as possible, but otherwise it may continue to be quiet here quite often. I commend all of those bloggers who have a baby and still have time to update regularly. Maybe someday I'll have a laptop and I can blog from anywhere in the house.
Tomorrow we celebrate Easter with the family with lasagna and my secret dessert - meaning today we are going to a few different stores and I'll be baking for quite a while tonight. It's nice to have Sean home so I can do things like this.
Man I can't wait until Tomoka gets here!