Later March 2006 entries


While Sean was home cleaning the fish tank, I was on a mission to figure out just what to do with our amazingly-reproductive snails. The very kind owner of Noah's Pets at Metrotown agreed to take all of the snails and keep them in a tank at his store, thinking maybe some would sell, and what's another tank? And I made it clear that we had issues with killing them. Because there's over 100 of them, and I have a hard enough time eating a dozen chicken wings and thinking of all those chickens.
When I got home I was impressed with how clean the tank looked, then told Sean my most excellent news that this store would take our snails, and Sean said "That's the easiest I've ever cleaned that tank. The snails keep it clean - I hardly had to do anything..." and my eyes begin to squint at him and he says "... I think we should keep them."
Other than that, it snowed, I'm sleeping more than I did in the first trimester, and Sean hasn't had work in over a week. Yayy.

Yesterday I got up at 3:30 (I had to open that day) and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I took off my clothes, looked in the mirror, and gasped. I knew I was supposed to be in a growth spurt in these few weeks - my midwife even warned me about it, but I had NO IDEA it could happen so fast. I didn't even go to bed until midnight the night before and I swear that belly wasn't there just three and a half hours earlier.
While working at Starbucks I felt... bloated and full. Every time I leaned against something, it was met with the hard thing in my stomach. This ain't a gas baby. It's a meat baby.
When I got home I called my midwife just so she could reassure me - and she did. Turns out, the baby grew and grew, and then that night? The round ligaments finally popped out to make room for the already bigger baby. And here I am. As of yesterday, when I approach a counter I have to do so much more carefully because now there's something else that hits the counter before I do. And when I ram it at full speed, it makes me go "Oooff!"


Transfer One Complete!
Sorry if you stopped by earlier and the site was down - it took a LONG time to FTP to Uniserve's server.
Sean's birthday improved greatly. We had a nice family get-together/dinner at Debra & Dave's and the next day Jon came up (with gifts!). More pictures from the weekend on Flickr.


Worse than rabbits

First of all, I just wanted to show you the snail sabotage going on in the fish tank. I find clusters like this all the time, and I'm not sure if they're doing some sort of Scientological gathering or planning the death of another ghost knife or just having a snail orgy. Of course, based on the multiplication of snails in the tank, I'm gonna go with the snail orgy. They are becoming a nuisance - there's just. too. many. of them. I'm seriously trying to figure out how I can scoop out about a hundred of them and leave them on the doorstep of a no-kill snail shelter in the middle of the night. But what a burden that would be on the shelter.
And now the wonkiness - the DSL didn't get hooked up yet, but Jon will still be here Sunday with the server, so the DSL company offered to host my sites until the DSL is hooked up - but that still means transferring all the files and re-routing the ip address so the site may be down off and on over the weekend, then again when we switch it back over to the house. They kindly offered me free hosting in the meantime and said they'd give me a whole "100 megabytes" and I said "Uhhh... that's alone."

When I tell people I have my entire life on here for the past 5 years? I mean it.
Oh hey wow, it'll be six years this summer!
The dining room is painted white but we had to stop once we got to the stairwell, since we don't have the special ladder needed for a stairwell. But the painted part looks nice. I designed some simple bookshelves to go under the living room window to have something else red and also to make "stairs" for the cats to see out that big window, so that's probably Sean's next project, then I'll paint it.
Tomorrow I am spending the day making the homemade pasta sauce I mentioned before, then cannelloni for Sean's birthday dinner with the family. He had a crappy birthday, but it's picking up now.
Then of course Jon will be and it's PARTY PARTY PARTY.