Andrew & his wife,
Jon, Brian

* Above is Jon's High School. He didn't even realize just how "Bauhaus" his school's design was!

* Friday night was the casual night at Grant's Pub, and I met a few of Jon's classmates.

* Daniel and Scott discussed their fight in 6th grade (Daniel did NOT throw a punch, actually, Scott WALKED INTO Daniel's fist). Scott lost a lens in the snow and Daniel's parents were called and.... and....

* Every year Eisenhower High pitted each class against each other in a competitive food drive. Therefore, Jon & Daniel visited the Murphy family, and as Daniel distracted the Murphys by taking pictures of them in front of their Christmas tree, Jon found a box and STOLE all of the canned food out of their cupboards in the kitchen. The Murphys didn't find it that funny; they were disqualified from any competition winnings.

* Daniel ran over the prom queen's foot, right before prom.

* No one remembers the Eisenhower fight song.

* There are also stories of stealing school toilets, but I believe that one is still protected to secrecy until the 20th reunion.

* Saturday night was the "formal" reunion at the Doubletree, with a slide show and awards ceremony. The teenage DJ mixed our favorite tunes by the likes of Huey Lewis and Jay-Z (poor, clueless child).

* Marnel still drives the same car (a Honda, of course) and Robin became a track coach. Daniel is now a pastor in Enumclaw. Andrew is still going to school, Brian is a supergeek in California, Craig does the famous human clock.....

I'm sure there's more, but hey, it wasn't even my class reunion!

Do I look like an eagle here? Be honest.....

Marnel's man Brian, Jon

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