Our Wish List
this is SO FUN!

Our Amazon Wishlist
And note - PLEASE get ANY of the books listed USED if possible. It breaks my heart to zip through a $15 book in one day/night.
  A spindle of blank CD's (we have cases)
$20 gift certificate to J Crew so I can get this hat (in yam!) after Christmas, when it no longer costs $24. Because I refuse to have a hat that cost $24. Silly.
This knitting needle set
This Gap sweater in black size large
This Gap skirt, black, size 8
This Old Navy sweater in Red, size XL (unles it looks humungo, then size L)
This Old Navy ribbed turtle in Red, size L (unless it looks too tight, then size XL)
This Old Navy long-sleeved T-shirt in "Winter Melon" (orange), "Terra Brown" or "Indigo" size L
Built-in camisole, black or orange, regular
Gift Certificate for Stitches or So Much Yarn
From Target:
  (and yes I took pictures in Target and let's not discuss this)

These pajama pants, size L

This sweather size L (this color)

Anything that goes with this skirt because I bought it at Target and I LOVE IT. (Nice work Sean)

DEMETER PERFUME!! (yeah big surprise)
Perfume Spray (small size) in:
Almond, Black Pepper, Christmas Tree, Lime, Patchouli, Rose, Violet, Wet Garden, Green Tomato, Snow, Firefly, Gardenia, Greenhouse, Heliotrope, Honey, Jasmine, Lettuce, or Sawdust (whew!)
Candles: Dirt, Gin & Tonic, or Thunderstorm
Soap: Dirt (yeah hahaha. Dirt.)
Bath Oil: Creme Brulee or Devils Food (can you IMAGINE?!)

For some day when I grow up: Panek Tobin dish set - Prism: Orange
Plain white crew-neck t-shirts (to wear under dress shirts) - Large
Work Socks - solid colors - athletic/thick - not tube socks!
Plain front pants (like Dockers) - size W34 L34 (not pleated! any color)
He likes Old Navy long-sleeve tees (the thick ones) - he has navy and light blue - size L. I would suggest red or orange.
This is totally the same list for Sean from last year. And it's still what he wants.
(He also added "knitting stuff for my wife so she can knit me stuff" I swear he said that.)
There are a few books for him on the Amazon wishist that are marked "for Sean". Like FOUR.