Thursday afternoon, Jon, Amy, Sean and myself met at Six Arms. Sean and I got a ride from one of my Starbucks customers, Jim (a cab driver), in exchange for a bottle of Absolut. Jon limped his way up the hill from work, and Amy showed up with her mom Diane, who gave us a ride to the airport.
The flight was great, but that's probably due to the fact that we packed mini bottles of booze and I took a Valium just before we boarded the plane. Amy sat in-between a couple of guys who were crazy about her.
We rented a car and headed straight to the New York New York hotel and the front desk gave us an upgrade to a jacuzzi suite! We dumped our luggage and went right back downstairs to eat since we were all full of booze and not much else. Once we were re-fueled, we stayed up pretty late, and Jon discovered the Jackpot Stampede and Reel `Em In machines and he was hooked. After I used up my lucky $5 (from Voula) in nickels, I retired and left Jon and Amy to cheer "It's a Stam-pede! Yee-Haw!" for the rest of the night without me.
Friday morning Amy and I headed down to get some Krispy Kreme donuts (what's all the fuss?) and lattés to bring up to the boys. I found my third cousin Sue (my Grandpa Bob's cousin), who I've never met before, on the main floor of New York New York because she just so happens to work there! We didn't even know! It was really cool to meet her, and Amy swears we look alike. Sue is very funny and I'm glad I met her so we can re-connect whenever we visit Vegas! We then visited Cyndi, and Trudy at Dr. Schneider's office (I found AWESOME glasses for only $550), and ate at Schlotzky's (a tradition). My memory is a bit fuzzy from this point on, but I believe we went back and gambled on the floor for a while, then headed back upstairs to chill before hitting the town that night. The story continues in pictures............
The night we arrived, Jon collapsed on the bed with a baggie of pills and a lime. He's ready.
The jacuzzi in our suite. Sean was the only one smart enough to pack a bathing suit. I painted my toenails and drank. A dumb combination.
I made due with a slip, Amy made due with the clothes she was wearing. She just hopped in.
Whooooaaa... too much booze.....
Getting ready to paint the town red.
With nickels.
Dinner at the Rock Lobster at the Mandalay Bay with the Lakers/Kings game as intimate conversation. It was a good game.
So good, in fact, the restroom stalls were also airing the game in the wall.
Jon's dinner looked so pretty I had to take a picture. Plus I wasn't sure if he'd remember it later. We'd been drinking since noon.
Jon and Amy on the trolley that costs $1.65 on one side of the sign and $1.50 on the other.
That's the wine rack that's a couple stories high. They bungee to get to the bottles. And that's Amy acting like she's gonna go get a bottle.
The next day we met my friend Justin for
lunch at Coyote Café, where he is the CFO.
Amy & Jon and a big case of meat. Mmmmmm.
I'm not sure if this is funny or just upsetting.
Sean & I on the moving sidewalk thingie between Bellagio and Paris.
Jon & Amy saw the Blue Man Group show at the Luxor Saturday. For the finale, they cover the whole audience in crepe paper.
Post show with one of the Blue Men.
By that evening we were hungry again and Sean was thrilled with his dinner choice.
The Chihuly glass at the front desk at Bellagio. There were kids running around all over that place. It wasn't the same.
Leave it to them to actually find a Hot Dawgs slot machine. Let them run loose and this is what they find.
I manage to get a similar picture of these guys on every trip.
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I'm so sorry we missed you Gregor. It just wasn't an official Vegas trip without seeing you. Next February......