Just so you all know - this is page 14.
The is the night before New Year's Eve. Grandma & Grandpa are taking us to Charlie's that night, and after we all get back from dinner, it's time for Dirty Bingo. Nancy has the "grand" idea that all of the cousins can sleep on the beach overnight, since there's this other big family that stays in our building and they take about twelve chairs on the beach by like 9 am every morning, and we get the chairs on the side. We wanted the good chairs all together in the center. Hence us sleeping in the chairs so they couldn't take them in the morning.

Auntie Nancy wakes Laura & I up but we stay in bed and talk instead

I tried to make Todd eggs for breakfast every morning

This was my view that day (those are my feet)

Itinerary board

The view to the side of me

Chesty Stacerton

Which one of these people survived cancer?
Tim decided to shave his beach beard and I asked him to go in steps
(I thought the goatee looked good!)

Tim with a moustache! And I didn't get an after (close-up) picture.
He shaved it all off after this.
On to Charlie's for dinner!