ATLANTA: Mom's side of the family
Mom & Jeff, Uncle Steve, Uncle Tim & Aunt Linda*, Cousin Jenny & Doug and their kids Ashlyn and Parker*, cousin Conor*, and Other Players*.
(* denotes the actual Georgia residents)

My flight was changed from a very capable noon to an annoying 6 am. Meaning we woke up at 3:45 am. Uncle Tim (Boone) picked me up at the Atlanta airport, where I rambled on about opening a knitting store, and we arrived at the Boone residence in the afternoon. It was cold.
Around this time, my cousin Conor's roommate's parents had just discovered Black Mold (not to be confused with The Plague) in their home and were suddenly homeless. There were many, many people over for dinner that night. An amount that only my Aunt Linda could pull off effortlessly, as she has things like dozens of napkin rings and place settings and matching whatevers. Dinner was fabulous at both tables.

Jen & I

The Men Totally Killin' Us
After dinner the whole group gathered around to play some games - we played Cranium and some Opposite Sex game which was silly so we just read the cards. Jenny and I were in charge of reading the questions for the men, and we thought the questions were too easy, so we were scrambling to think fast enough to make our own, more difficult questions. The men answered those right, too.
The next day was lunch at Conor's, then shopping - which required an assortment of vehicles, since we all had our own list of things to get. But most importantly, I have to say OMG KITTEN.

This is Tyler, Parking Lot Kitten extraordinaire. He's teeny and purrs constantly. I was surprised at how snuggly he is at such a young age. Love love love love. I wanted to spend the whole day in this room upstairs talking to Tyler in my patented kitten voice. Actually it's not really patented so I guess you can use it too. But they'll know you're an impostor.
After Tyler and whatever else happened that day, we went on our trek to many stores. Ashlyn (4 years old) took quite an interest in my knitting the night before, so we got her knitting stuff.

Doug making Christmas bread

Double Solitaire