Look at all the children and birds playing in our couch area! It became a pond! The storm was whittled down to wind by the next morning. The women had "Spa Day" after brunch in Herb & Karyn's house, and I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and laying on the beach to finish my book ("All Families are Psychotic" by Douglas Coupland - it was a rollercoaster!) I think our sand mound was even more popular with the addition of water.
Some people tried making the same thing next to ours, and they even put a big crevice in the center like we did.
It ended up being taken hostage by a couple who dry humped in it in front of everyone. About 7 of us were sitting up and staring right at them. They were oblivious.
Kinda sad, really.

One of the many traditions of this trip is a night out to a good dinner, usually at St. George and the Dragon, a very nice restaurant run by my Dad's high school friend Marcia. We all headed there in five cars and had a reserved room. After dinner, someone started playing their glass, and a lot of others joined in. It was eerily beautiful and we all listened to the performance.

Val, Craig, Todd, Dylan, Ben, Jamey, and Lukas provide the music.


My Family
Here's some other randomness - it didn't fit on the other pages, so I just plunked it here.
This is the pier I mentioned. One of the nights a whole whack of us walked to the square for ice cream and to watch the painter who set up on the sidewalk. Later, we walked to the edge of the pier. It was night and the crabs were skimming the water snapping at things and the fish were so dense you could see them everywhere. There were also beautiful birds eating along the shore. Some guy at the end of the pier caught some squid. Tim was shining a light into the water and the life in that ocean was amazing.
Lukas tries on Laura's slippers. I'm tellin' ya, stupid slipper fever is catching!
Val & I (a sun tan comparison)
Eugenio, Joel, Jamey, Dylan
Lukie, look out! Wet Willie attack approaching!
Nuclear Family