Let's try this is the order in which they appear!  [the • denotes lobby customer, usually]
DIANA &Daughter (?): Venti Vanilla Nonfat XH Latte, Plain Bagel, Grande A (room)
PETE: Tall Drip with room
KURT: (Redhead, ponytail) Grande drip (currently in Siren refill)
ASHLEY: (Blonde shaggy hair) Double Tall Almond L
JACK: Tall A,
1½" room, no lid
LUIS: (Tall, black hair) Venti L
DARLA: Grande CM
LETICIA: Grande CM with whip
: (short dark hair, glasses, accent/BMW, but buying a truck soon) Triple Venti Soy L
: (redhead, white Jetta) Double Short Nonfat L
ROBIN: (Blonde, PT Cruiser) Triple Grande L, straw and sleeve
STRETCH: (our country man in the red Dodge Ram) Triple Grande light M in a personal cup, maple scone or a bear claw
CHRIS: (Red CRX) Iced Venti Nonfat M
ELISSA: Triple Grande M
NEVIN: (dark hair, SUV, accent): Grande XH No-whip M with straw
CONNIE: (asian, personal cup) Grande Vanilla Soy XL L OR Grande XH L
KINKO'S WOMAN IN SUV WITH 2 BOYS (?): Venti M of some sort
MARIO: (orange/white old SUV thing) Grande Nonfat L
CHRISTINA: (silver bug with fake flowers, sassy) Tall Nonfat Extra-Caramel CM
SUZANNE: (blonde) Grande Vanilla Soy L
JOHN: (short brown hair) Grande Chai Light-Milk
KATE: (black hair, blue eyes, beautiful, 2nd grade teacher) Grande Nonfat L (?)
JENNIFER: (straight light brown hair, super skinny) Grande Hazelnut L
LORETTA: Triple Grande Light-Vanilla Nonfat L, with a straw
GARY: Grande Decaf Drip with room
WALTER: Tall or Grande Caramel Sauce HC
LJ: Short Drip and a blueberry muffin (sometimes)
BILL: I forget
RICHARD: (glasses, outgoing girlfriend) Decaf Triple Grande Almond Nonfat M, girlfriend gets Double Short M with two or three sugars
NORM: Tall or Grande Drip, Oat Fruit Scone sometimes
SUSAN: (say slowly) Grande Vanilla Mocha Frappuchino, maple nut scone
CHRISSY: (asian, black BMW) Tall No-whip MV, sometimes a pumpkin scone
ELAINE: (small, black hair) Grande (Sometimes single grande) Almond L, sometimes gets two KHC for her kids
ROSE: (light brown hair, glasses) Tall Nonfat WM
SCOTT: (bald, beard, white car) Triple Grande M
MICHELLE: (SUV, short brown hair, perfect lipstick) Different drink daily.
KAREN: (White Car, Red-haired kids) Grande Nonfat With-whip M, usually one or two bagels, one with cream cheese, one with butter, Grande Water
JONATHAN: (skinny, curly short hair, blue truck) Iced Venti Nonfat M or L
CHERIE: (pronounced Sherry, white hair, suit, undercover cop) Tall A with room
JULIA: (long brown hair, just got engagement ring, writes a star and $ on To: line of checks) I think a CM (?)
LORETTO: (Not Vernon) Triple Venti XH CM
VERNON: (Not Loretto) Venti A
VITO: (small fingers) Venti Iced Tea, usually gets drinks for his employees too
ANDRÉA: 2 shots E, 1 Sweet&Low, steamed whole milk, straw
GAYLE: (longish reddish hair) Tall 9-pump Almond, 200° No-foam L with a straw, cream cheese danish
DONNA: (long gray wavy hair, bad Jeep window) Iced Venti Nonfat L
JAGDISH: (pronounced Jadeesh, Sikh) Tall 120° L
JEN: (Blonde) Tall Vanilla L?
JENNIFER (small, short sandy brown hair) Tall Drip
RICHARD: (Tall Nike Man) Venti M (actually responds to "Richard Venti Mocha")
TERESA: (tiny baby) Iced Double Tall Nonfat M, RF Lemon Zucchini Cake
WILL: (spiked blonde hair) Grande M