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November 24, 2000

Today I put my car in the garage and detailed it. Don't you just love doing that? I even vacuumed the trunk!
My friend Buncha went holiday shopping this morning at SIX A.M. and said there were lines winding around the building before they opened. I scoffed, but then he told me of the deals they had (DVD players for $79!!) and I can see why some people put up with it. I am just SO thankful that nobody on my shopping list is a Toys R' Us Kid.
Another friend from Seattle Web Grrls, Jacob (a web boy), has graciously extended his time and talent to assist with making Jamey's web site into a stellar web site. It should look a lot better in a couple weeks - I'll keep you all posted on the updates.
Really great news on the job hunt (that was sarcasm). Both newspapers in Seattle are on strike - which means those classifieds just aren't there. We have some small alternative papers, but with the holidays coming up, it looks like I may be in for a crappy Christmas. Send government cheese wheels.
Speaking of Christmas, please don't get us anything, because we won't be getting you anything. We will be telepathically sending out warm wishes but that's about it. And for those of you thinking this sounds like a sob story, keep in mind I am working part-time at a restaurant down the street from our house, I have 1100 songs on Napster now, and Sean still makes dinner every night, so I'm surviving just fine. As a matter of fact, life is good. (And my car looks great!)
Sean manages to spoil me no matter what our situation. He's good like that.

November 22, 2000

Sorry I haven't written - nothing new, really. Still looking for work, investing in numerous interviews. Had a good trip to Vancouver last week where I put my bank account $130 in the negative. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

October 31, 2000

Off to NYC! I'm going to help Jamey with his furniture show this Wednesday through Sunday. It'll be Uncle Tim, cousins Jamey and Ben, and myself. I'm so excited! Our hotel is right in Times Square on Broadway!

October 25, 2000

Scary news for the Seattle internet world again - MyLackey shut it's doors today. Although they weren't the exact business model of, they were certainly comparable. They are (were) an internet company in Seattle that does Lackey services ordered on their website (wash your car, pick up your dry-cleaning, walk your dog...) Just last week's biggest competitor in New York (where Kozmo is based) closed down. We can only hope that these closures open a larger market for Kozmo, as opposed to foreshadowing the lack of a market.
Speaking of which, for those of you who enjoy playing the stock market (or just have a sick sense of humor) visit Yes, it's strewn with vulgarities - you've been warned. (You can also type out the real word as well) They keep an eye on e-companies on their way down, and even have a "reverse stock market" system where you receive points if you predict an e-commerce shutdown before it occurs. It sounds mean (and it is) but I've learned a lot about some .com's out there, and their message boards are hilarious!

October 24, 2000

Happy birthday wishes go to [cousin] Michael Marsh, [sister] Stevie Lee, and [chicken] Justin Doucette (who's second baby, a girl, is due St. Patrick's Day!)
Tomorrow I have an interview with a software company in Bellevue, and at the end of this week, I may be able to apply for a job with the City of Bellevue (it has to be offered to city employees first). I will keep you all posted.

Thursday night's theme is pumpkin and porn, as Jon and I carve Halloween punkins and watch the movie Boogie Nights (while Sean toils at school).

NYC next week! Cyndi's brother (who works for Mtv) is going to try to take me for a night on the town, although there won't be much time - the art show runs until 9 p.m. each night. But I still plan on having a GREAT time with my cousins!

October 15, 2000

Happy anniversary to us!  Twelve years together, six years married.  Bliss.


Yeah, okay, so we lost....
Here's a Dreamweaver Web Site Design tip - don't change the names of html files with Microsoft Explore while the document is open - it'll wipe out everything. Which it did. I am trying to re-do this page... I remember it said something about Jon making lasagna, the movie Sid + Nancy, and asking all of you for a tape of West Wing's season premiere, because I missed it.
Alas, I had a cool frames page to keep everything centered, and now it's midnight and I'm NOT making it all over again tonight!

Seattle weather has been great lately - we're finally getting some rain after a very dry summer.

Labor Day weekend was Seattle's annual Bumbershoot Festival. Jon, Kate, and I saw Botch, Juno, and Ruston Mire - then talked outside during Death Cab for Cutie. At Kate's departure, Jon and I missed Modest Mouse (the line wrapped all the way around Key Arena!) but we enjoyed Pete Krebs, some pornographic art displays, salmon dinners, and for dessert - a completely bald Joan Jett (she rocked the house!)

For now, I just know that I'm going to see At The Drive-In this November (and I'm very excited!) I think I'm also going to see Death Cab for Cutie with Pedro the Lion later on this month. Otherwise, it's been a pretty dull month. When Greg was here, the gigs were so lame, I ended up taking him to a play instead! And it was a spoof of the V.C. Andrews book Flowers in the Attic- the play was called "DeFlowered in the Attic" and they're taking the play to New York next month! I wish them luck - the play was very funny (I also saw it last year twice!) Other excitement this month is stuff like ordering Pizza Hut Delivery and renting movies. Last week I hosted Jon to his introduction of the movie "Casino" and this week it's "Boogie Nights." [note: we ended up watching Sid + Nancy instead] And he's making me dinner! So if you don't ever hear from me again, you'll know the cause....

Jason LaJeunesse of Closed Caption Radio fame moved to Seattle last weekend. We are very happy to have him on this side of the border!  He's booking gigs for the Graceland and defying all immigration laws. Perhaps I should leave his last name out! Naw, he hasn't called us... I'll leave it in.