and food

me with the hosts

their back yard
Mike and VIv live in an apartment building in Capitol Hill that hosts animal lovers. In their block they have ferrets, a bird paradise (which follows below), rabbits, and cats and dogs. They are good friends with their neighbors upstairs, who have the bird paradise, and I spent a good amount of time there meeting all of the birds. These women don't mess around when it comes to their birds. And the talking! Those birds talk up a storm! And they were so outgoing!

entering their deck

part of their deck

deck again

One of the birds

one downstairs bird room

their kitchen (note the feathers)

Looking up towards the stairs

from the top of the stairs

living room

happy bird

living room again


another happy bird

their dining room

Crack Meat (not the birds)
Made by the guy who owns the 74th Street Ale House

Spencer eating crack meat

Mike and Patrick

Party People
And featuring....

I probably spent a good twenty minutes with this guy. See his come-hither paws curling? You look at him and he purrs. We spent some quality time together.

And Chloe too!

In Mike & Viv's back yard

On the way home - these kids were taking a picture of the Space Needle