PSYCHO! Vandalia is a few miles from our lakehouse! Like in-between the lakehouse and Three Rivers. NOBODY lives there. Well, now EVEN LESS people live there!

Sept. 4, 2001
VANDALIA, Mich. A campground owner facing drug and weapons charges was fatally shot by an FBI agent last night after a four-day standoff, authorities said. Grover Crosslin, 47, was shot and killed after he walked out of a building with a rifle and pointed it at the agent, Cass County Sheriff Joseph Underwood Jr. said in a news release. The FBI did not immediately return calls for comment. Crosslin, owner of Rainbow Farm in western Michigan, became agitated after authorities brought a phone to him in an attempt to begin negotiations, Underwood said. Crosslin promoted the use of marijuana at Rainbow Farm, which High Times Magazine reportedly had dubbed one of the best "stoner spots in the world." The situation began Friday when deputies went to the campground after neighbors said Crosslin was burning buildings on his property, which is the target of civil-forfeiture proceedings. Crosslin's attorney, Dori Leo, said her client also was upset because a child he helped raise has been taken from the home he shares with a friend.

Sept. 5, 2001
VANDALIA, Mich. A campground standoff ended in its fifth day yesterday with a second man fatally shot by police after reportedly pointing a weapon at an officer. Rolland Rohm, 28, was shot the day after his roommate was killed by an FBI agent, Cass County Sheriff Joseph Underwood Jr. said. Rohm had been ordered several times to put his weapon down but pointed the gun at a state trooper and was shot, Underwood said. Officials said a third man, Brandon Peoples, suffered minor injuries and was being questioned. Rohm lived at the campground, called Rainbow Farms, with its owner, Grover Crosslin. Crosslin, 47, was fatally shot Monday evening by an FBI agent after pointing a rifle at the agent, Underwood said.