Women Coordinate Letter-Writing Campaign

Two local women are writing notes of comfort for victims and their families of last week's terrorist attacks.
"I couldn't be there in person, so this was one way I could write down feelings and forward it to people in New York and Washington who have such a tragedy," letter writer Tammy Thomas said.
Thomas told KMBC's Natalie Moultrie that she got the idea after hearing how a victim from the Oklahoma City bombing found comfort in letters from strangers. Thomas started a letter-writing campaign by collecting notes from neighbors, church members and schools. Moultrie reported that Cathy Moyer also started a letter campaign for rescue workers at New York's so-called "ground zero."
Moyer said that she watched rescuers on television and remembered the trauma her husband faced as a paramedic during the 1981 Hyatt skywalk collapse.
Moultrie reported that Moyer and her church group starting writing notes of encouragement. "When they do start to second-guess themselves, they will have something that says, 'You did the best you could,'" Moyer said.

All the letters will be sent to New York or Washington.

If you would like to send letters to victims of the attacks, you can send them to:
Salvation Army
We Care
3637 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

If you want to write to a rescue worker, you can send notes to:
Any Rescue Worker
C/o Tiffany Springs Church of the Nazarene
P.O. Box 28603
Gladstone, MO 64118

*Buy a box of cards, take them to work, the next social gathering, whatever, and mail `em!