Lauren Woodward is leaving us to move to Austin, TX. We had a BBQ to send her off. This does not include the drinks this Thursday or her official Going Away Party next Saturday...

Lauren & Geoff

Ray, Sally, Todd

Grill Master


Ray figures out the bottle opener

Todd S. & Todd W.

Todd with Kyle (Lauren M's fiancé) and Lauren M.

Mary & Chad in the kitchen

Me & Julie

Kyle & Caitlin

Ray & Mary

Ray & Todd

The spread

Coal's parents, Sean & Chris

Dig in!

Geoff's food

He's so entertaining!


Chris, Alison, Sonia, Kyle

Julie & Todd and Andrew

Andrew and Julie

Caitlin & Chad

Then Julie got the dominoes for Janet

She was very patient

Quite the pattern

Almost ready!

Down they go!

Future architect

Janet, Julie and Sadie


Alison & Sonia

Sara and I


Sean & Chris and I

Sean, Andrew, Janet

Sean & Janet

Todd W. & Sally

Sean & I and Sara

HILARIOUS - like Sean just wipes her out