Jason was 19 years old when he was at our wedding. It was the first wedding he'd ever gone to.
He went to Goodwill and bought a suit for it - he was so proud.
Now he's almost all grown up.
I brought a cake and people started tearing at it with their hands, so by the
time we sang Happy Birthday, there was about half a cake left
He's touched

Another shot of the kitchen full of people

Gabe & Jen

Part of Hint HInt and middle guy I don't remember
(I suck at names - the guy on the right? I always forget his name
but I always remember his dog's name is Dinky)

The view from Jason's bedroom (that's the Space Needle on the left)

Jason's kitten Sing Sing

Back patio

Rebecca the Chef (she RULES)

Sing Sing attacking Sean