It eventually wound down.... around 2:30 a.m.

Pastor gossip

Noah & Monica sign their marriage license

Celebrating... Everything

Two birthday girls

All attendees that had anything to celebrate gathered around the cake for the cake cutting.

Samantha & Tara

Jeff & Samantha got me my favorite book!

Monica, Matt, Pete, Fernanda, Geoff, Jason, Sean,
and another pastor named Monica

You can tell they're related
Even without knowing they're related

Sylvia's daughter Eleanor (and her friend) made the bride & groom crayon drawings of their ceremony as wedding gifts

Me & Kraig
(single; contact me for his number)

Boo ya kaa! (whatever that means) Jason, Grace, and Kraig

Me, Jase, Sean

Grace & Bonnie (she was SUCH a trooper!)

Our late-night private party (our Night Cap, if you will)
There's stuff missing, of course, but this party took four pages to show, and FOR CHRIST'S SAKE PEOPLE you got FOUR PAGES for a party.
For those of you who couldn't make it, we missed ya.
Oh, and can I just say? Less than 6 hours before the party, the full week of rain stopped, then less than 16 hours after the party ended, it started raining again.
Thank you Baby Jesus.

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(For my own personal memory's sake, I'm putting the invite comments here for keeps: