Adoption process approved through the Elkhart County Humane Shelter, following a background check, blood sample(s), and an essay exam involving word problems and long division. You must show your work.

Male, neutered, tan shepherd mix, 11-12 months old. Aiden reminds you of a small child that needs you to help him play. He loves toys to carry around in his mouth and wouldn't mind a belly rub now and then. He has a small but muscular build. He wants to be the center of attention.

Male, neutered, white husky mix, 2-4 years old. Murray has lived at Dogtown since May 7, 2002 and is very playful and a high energy dog. Would do best in a male dominant family with teenage kids for him to horseplay with. Just in case you have other dogs, keep in mind Murray likes to be the boss. His favorite season is winter so he can wrestle around in the snow. Murray has a strong build with a heavy winter coat.
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Female, spayed, black terrier mix, 2-2 ½ years old. Suzie loves to run and play. She needs someone to walk her daily or give her lots of room to run. Typical of most terrriers, she has a motor that doesn't stop. She has a black coat, but interestingly enough she has brindle paws that make her look as if she is wearing boots.
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Male, neutered, black/tan rottweiler/shepherd mix, approximately 1 year old. Sylvester has an easy going personality. He loves all the other animals and people, too. He is energetic and playful. He has a small frame and will not likely exceed 35-40 pounds at maturity.
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Male, neutered, brown/black shepherd mix, 3 years old. Buddy is a little timid at first, but once he gets to know you he is a great dog. He is very eager to please. Very large framed dog, but not nearly as intimidating as he looks. Seems to have a fear of men, but can be won over with a litte interaction. (He was quite possibly abused prior to coming to Dogtown.)

Male, neutered, tan/cream husky/lab mix, 1-2 years old. Corky is a handsome dog, but has a few quirky traits. Would not do well with children. He is a special needs dog, who was quite likely abused prior to coming to Dogtown. He is afraid of strangers and is looking for someone he can trust. He does not like quick actions or someone sneaking up on him.  

Female, spayed, red retriever mix, 2-3 years old. Bree needs a family with no children or a family with children that have been around big dogs before. She likes to have your undivided attention. She would be a great watchdog as she is always aware of her surroundings and what is going on. She is a beautiful honey-red color, but tends to get that coat dirty because she loves to romp and play outside.
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Male, black/tan coonhound mix, approximately 1 year old. Caesar is friendly to everyone and gets along well with other animals. He is on the small side (30 pounds), but is an acitve dog who loves the outdoors. Caesar has cute, floppy ears with a distinct piece cut out off the end of one ear.

Male, neutered, golden retriever/shepherd mix, 1 ½-2 years old. Max is voicy, but he justs needs to get your attention. He is a gorgeous dog with a lot of spunk ready and eager to play. His coloring captures your eye, and then you notice how smart he is. He would fit right in with a large crowd where there is lots of activity. His face and coat remind you of a fox. Stunning!
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Male, neutered, brindle lab mix, 2-3 years old. Gunner is a very shy/quiet dog and would do very well with a single person or a family with older children. His coloring is quite unusual. His coat is 100% brindle and he's very muscular.
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Male, neutered, black/brown/white shepherd mix, approximately 1 year old. Colin is eager to please and loves to go on walks. He is good on a leash. Seems to be a smart dog with plenty of energy. Still has a lot of “puppy” to offer. Colin is a short-haired dog and is not very large. He only weighs around 35-40 pounds.
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Female, black/tan/white hound mix, 10-12 months old. Penny is a playful, fun-loving dog who demands your attention. On the small side for a hound mix. Has a beautiful beagle face with large floppy ears.

Female, black/tan rottweiller mix, 10-12 months old. Cassie loves to jump and play. She gets along well with other dogs, but she has to be the boss. She is a strong dog. She has short hair and a docked tail.

Male, neutered, black/tan/white shepherd/shiba inu mix, 1-2 years old. Bryson is a nice dog. He has a very laid-back personality. He is quiet, but very attentive. He loves one-on-one attention.

Male, neutered, black/tan rottweiller/shepherd mix, 2-4 years old. Jordan knows all the tricks to get people's attention and once he has it he wants his belly rubbed. His looks command respect, but he has a gentle disposition. Although his looks could be intimidating he is actually very friendly.

Female, spayed, black lab mix, 1-1 ½ years old. Sheba is very shyand timid, but once she gets to know you she is quite loving. She loves to lay on your lap. She is a lab mix, but very small framed (approximately 30-35 pounds).
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Female, spayed, black w/brown and white shepherd/terrier mix, approximately 1 year old. Ally is very active, likes to bark in order to get someone's attention. Very affectionate. Hasn't met a dog or human she doesn't like.