In 1995, Sean & I went to see David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails in Chicago, and a Blazer ran the stop sign in front of the concert stadium and drove over the hood of my car. We were okay, the car was not. I believe that was the fourth time my Civic had been hit. Anyway, I called Dad and woke him up in the middle of the night (Vegas time) from a hotel room in Chicago to tell him about it, because we were totally shaken up and bruised and bewildered, (not to mention we were stuck in Chicago) and he told me he was in love. It was that big. And I got a step-brother out of the deal!
Dad's a sports oddsmaker; he had a radio show for years in Vegas, and worked at numerous sportsbooks. His lines are still in the major newspapers and he also does with Keith Glantz.
He & Kay bought my grandparents house in Indiana* (my yellow room is now a library) in 2001 and built a no-kill animal shelter called Dogtown on the property. They were both very involved in the no-kill animal shelter in Vegas and they learned a lot from it.
* Now he has to take a day trip to see his rock concerts.

Burt, Dad, Herb III

Dad & Kay (his love)

Us in 1986

Us in 1991 (I think)

I have a brother! (1999)

Todd & I summer 2003

New Year in Florida 2002/2003