The day started with me driving to Factoria Applebee's to reunite with Allison and Chris while they busted their butts to prepare huge pans of wings, riblets, and celery and bleu cheese for me. (This was for the CANstruction Awards Banquet.) Once we got it all loaded up in my car, I boogied to Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle, which is this big festival that Seattle has one weekend every year, where all of these local restaurants set up booths to promote their food. It was hot. Crazy hot. And I had to maneuver my way through the traffic (cars and people) to drop off the food to CANstruction, then find parking. I was extremely lucky with both endeavors.
We had only five competing teams this year - we should have WAY more for Seattle. A lot of those teams were a few firms combined on one team. I'm SO glad I got to work with the girls of the SDA. I also adore Renae and hope to hang out with her more.

Chris at Applebee's making ribs

Actually, I do, thanks.

Everyone eating the buffet food

Me & Renae

(in the Mercer underpass - no reason)

An ATM machine (GGLO helped with this one)

vote by donation

A trolley with all Trader Joe's food

Another shot of the trolley

The very hungry caterpillar (that's all food!)

Another view of him

Stockpot & bowl of soup (both were full of donated food!)

A crocodile made of tuna

Awards ceremony

Bite of Seattle

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