Ferra's adorable dips

Dommi makes friends

Most of the food (plus more on the dining room table)

Let the Elephanting begin!

Sally and Meredith

It was in a Swiffer box

But it wasn't a Swiffer!

Matt, Tara, and Cat test out the new bench

Matthew opens a Xanax clock (trippy)

Viv and Mike get a box full of crap

Puka shells and Beer Bread Mix

"Who doesn't need more mugs?"

Matt gets a bunch of indie comics

(Mike), Ferra, Himself

Cat steals the wiener shirt

More comics!

Matthew displays the goblets

Manuel gets cookie mix in a jar

Heather is SO happy with her gifts

Barry Manilow, Streisand/Kristofferson, and Zamfir

Ferra gets a corn cob pipe

And a batch of jelly juice

Cat loses her shirt (it was only a matter of time)

Himself gets magic rocks

You cannot possibly be surprised at who stole the shirt

Meredith's choice was all about the deceptive packaging

Inside that pink packaging was this

The nose exerciser
(Heather actually made a short movie of Meredith taking it for a spin!)

Heather & Zach


Manuel & I

Matthew & Heather

Sean stuck with the dishes

Zach, Sean, Jeff

Mike Whybark!

The chalkboard wall now


Zach & Heather

What was left of us by midnight