The Hennigs' 100 Years of Flight Party

The bartenders set up for their annual tradition

Chandra sews her sign to the screen
We arrived early to help set up - each table had airplane snacks and toys, there was a tiki bar to stock, signage to be hung, and food to be brought outside. Many guests dressed according to the theme, including Orville & Wilber, as well as the present-day Orville and Wilber as angels. We also had a blind FAA inspector, a Wal-Mart aviation mechanic, some ducks, some people wearing airplane kites on their backs, and many aviator hats and goggles.

Orville & Wilber, 2003

Airline Laborers

Josh's parents as ducks

Matt sits in the custom-made plane in the back yard

Josh as a flamingo

One of the games

It's great to know the bartenders
(yeah, okay the drinks were free anyway, but we felt special)

G&T for everybody

A Hennigs skit!

The 6rms group photo

The Hennigs announce next years theme - Caribbean Cruise - and dance to "Sea Cruise"

and they dance...

...and they dance!

Josh in the limbo competition

Teri - pregnant with baby number three!

Another skit!
Every year, Josh does the traditional Lighting of the Tiki Torches at dusk. Per custom, he tries to fit the theme with the proper song while performing his ceremonial lighting.
One of the guests just happened to have brought his Harley, so Josh rode up on the back of this Harley, lighted torch in hand, wearing a white toga-type skirt and angel wings (borrowed from the present-day Wright Brothers). He lit the torches to "Earth Angel".
During part of the performance he even stopped to kiss the cheek of Emily's Grandma (who was Rosie the Riveter).
It was touching.
My friends Cyndi & Jeff were visiting from Vegas and they stopped by (too briefly!) and by nightfall, those remaining at the party (now including Sean) moved towards the North Satellite (the guest house) to dance the night away.
The food and weather and drinks and atmosphere were great, as always, and it went down as another successful Hennigs Party!

Our Earth Angel