Yeah so I'm a bit behind....
Tomorrow we leave for Florida so I thought I'd take a few minutes to try to say hi to whoever still stops by here.
I believe we last left when we went to Palm Springs for American Thanksgiving. It was wonderful.
The next week my Mom came out for ten days, and during that time she shopped for houses in Lynden, WA so she and her husband Jeff can move there next summer (they'll be about an hour's drive away!). She found a great house and since then they have made an offer and it was accepted!
In two weeks I drove to Washington five times. This included going to Wal-Mart in Bellingham in December - which I don't recommend. But that's where we picked up Ever's kitchen from my Mom & Jeff, so it was totally worth it. It also included that time we drove down to look at Mom's new house and I forgot Sean's passport and we had to turn around and go all the way back home to get it. And Ever was along for the ride. That sucked.

Christmas cookies

Ever & Santa
We spent Christmas in Summerland with Sean's side of the family. The pictures are on Tomoka's camera and I have no idea when we'll sit down to post them. Summerland is beautiful and I hope we can go there again - maybe for Canada Day or something. Preferably without driving through the snow.
Ever has six teeth including a molar. She can do tons of sign language signs and says quite a few words now, although most of them are words that only we understand. She also rules at animal sounds. She wears a size 5 shoe and likes to brush her teeth and dance to "The Wheels on the Bus". We think she's awesome.
Sean's cousin Michael (and wife Jill and son Zayd) moved up their move-to date - they'll now be here when Sean gets home from Florida. They already have a rental house lined up and it's not too far from the rest of us.
Don't drink from the hotel glasses. (Thanks Aunt Nancy)
I'm sure I have 57 other things to tell you, but I'm waking up before 5 a.m. tomorrow to catch a plane and I like to pretend to get some sleep on nights like this.
P.S. Since getting Dreamweaver CS my site has gotten pretty ugly. It does it's own coding and I don't have time to figure it out - sorry.