So we leave tomorrow morning for Palm Springs to see Margeret (Sean's Mom) and the gang. We'll be back next week. I have thirty not-really-exciting things to tell you but never have a chance to come downstairs and write on this here blog very often. And it's cold down here. And I have a baby who keeps us kinda busy.
Yeah I know Milla Jovovich had a baby named Ever. Ever Gabo. We call her Ever Gaybo `round these parts. She musta been to my Flickr pages or something.
Joe is moving back to Seattle (with Jean and his kids, natch) this spring, which has me all sorts of happy. Sean's cousin Michael (and Jill and Zayd) moves back to Vancouver this February, my Mom moves here (well, northern Washington - as close as she can get to us) in the summer, and we'll all be a big happy family
Kissy face
So grown up!
A couple new videos up. I am still woefully behind.