Ever's Concussion Scare
We have this silly set-up with Nina at the new house. I sleep on the futon in the living room because Nina LIVES in her big swing and I can't *CAN'T* sleep in another room with her in a swing. This goes back to my extreme paranoia about SIDS, especially in swings. So I sleep in the living room because that's where Nina sleeps. And as long as she needs the swing, that's where I am.
Lately Ever has gotten lonely going to bed in our big bed (we still do family bed, only now the family in there is Sean and Ever) so we JUST started a new thing the past week or so, where Ever sleeps with me in the futon starting around 9:30-10:00 (yes she stays up late) until Sean carries her to bed with him an hour or 2 later. It's also inevitable that as soon as Ever falls asleep, Nina wakes, then the three of us are crammed in the futon until Sean gets Ever.
Last night at 11:30 there was a loud THUD and I woke and looked at the side of the bed and Ever wasn't there. I wasn't sure if Sean has taken her yet or if she fell out of the bed, because there was no sound.
She fell out of the bed onto the hardwood floor.
I called out for Sean who came and picked her up, and she started crying, but it was more hiccupy than wailing or mad or hurty. You know. There's a difference. It was upset. She was shaking SO BAD.
At some point Sean thought she was going to be sick, so he took her into our bathroom, but she was shaking and wouldn't let go of Sean. I sat at the edge of the bed and Sean was squatting while holding her. He then said "She's peeing" and I didn't understand why he said that, but then realized his t-shirt then jeans were getting soaked. Ever hadn't said a word. (Ever has been totally potty trained for a long time now - and if she were to have an accident, she'd say something. This was more of a "losing bladder control" without her even being aware of it.)
We called Aunt Sharon (a nurse) who just happens to be visiting in town and staying at Debra's and asked her what to do. Sean changed his clothes while I held a clutching Ever, then we worked at gently getting her undressed and dressed again even though she did NOT want to let go. I kept asking her to tell me her name and she was so freaked out it took her a very long time to finally say it. I think she saw how scared Sean and I were and it made her panic a bit more, which would make her gasp and unable to speak because she was shaking so hard.
We checked her eyes with a flashlight, but her eyes are SO DARK it's hard to see if her pupils are uneven. Also, she blew her nose and blood came out (another symptom of concussion). We decided it was worth going to the ER, even with the flu risks.
Sean got her health card and I was instructing him to get a plastic bowl for her to keep in her lap, and of course Nina was starting to wake up, so we were working on the logistics of me being able to go to the ER as well to make sure she didn't fall asleep in the car on the way there, and that's when we decided one last time to see if she was okay enough to stay home.
"Ever, who is your favorite cousin?" "Geneva"
"Who are your other cousins?" "Jackson and Grady" (they are in town and were at our house the night before.)
"Who is Zayd's Daddy? "Michael"
"What's Daddy's name?" "Sean"
It was like rapid-fire Q&A and she was passing.
We were delighted.
Sean said "Would you like to do a puzzle? And Ever said "Sure!" and Sean and Ever did puzzles and painted all of the family members and all of the princesses until 2 a.m., having conversation all the while to make sure her synapses were firing properly, then finally snuggled into bed to watch a Classical Baby DVD, and at 2:30 she started to doze. Sean watched her sleep.
Nina woke to nurse again sometime after that (I forgot to check the time) and I woke Ever and said "What's Mama's name?" and she said "Stacy" and I was SO RELIEVED. She answered fast and easily.
Nina fed again at 6 am and I woke Ever again. This time I just said "Ever how are you feeling?" and she said "Good" without even opening her eyes.
At 9:30 she was still snoring, so Nina and I got into bed with them and she and Sean slowly woke up. Once Ever's eyes were open, she hugged Sean and said "I love you, Daddy." I think she said that three times in her first 20 minutes awake this morning.
It was terrifying. She seems okay now. I know that there are a lot of bonk stories in children's histories, but it wasn't fun for us parents to go through. I hope to get some sleep today.

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