Tomoka and Ever and I made a stealth trip to Seattle to visit very few people and relax and not spend the majority of the time e-mailing and calling people for the when-and-wheres. It was much more enjoyable than most trips to Seattle, but I'm sorry to those of you we missed. I will try to surprise you next trip.
Marc and Sarah and Ryan came up to visit last weekend and it was great to see them.
Dave, Debra (Sean's cousin, Shane's sister - you should all know this by now) and baby Geneva, along with Uncle Pete, bought a house 1.2 miles from our house. They move in end of October. We have been waiting for this moment since we moved up here.
Kate and baby Ruby visited! Pictures on Flickr soon.
The other night I had a dream that I lived with Kelsey Grammer, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and Matt LeBlanc. Strange things happened.
Ever and I go to Indiana this week, from Wednesday to next Wednesday. Sean is very sad.
Pregnant again! Due next May.


Born August 2, 2007 and placed in Jon & Amy's loving arms August 30, 2007.

You may all remember what happened just a few months ago when Jon & Amy had a sad adoption experience - well this is destiny - Benjamin Maxwell is their pride and joy and their whole family is thrilled. Tomoka and Ever and I are going to Seattle to meet him next weekend. I can't wait!!
Since I last posted, Sean's Mom, sister, and brother visited for a week, Ever sprouted her upper two front teeth, and she also stopped crawling to walk full-time. It's been a busy month.
Ever's commercial came on this morning as we were flipping through the channels - after that we watched Bravo for hours because they aired it almost every commercial break!
And here it is! It's pretty noisy with Ever chatting in the background - sorry I didn't have the volume up louder (duh) and I missed the first 1.5 seconds that shows Ever peeking around the corner, but once I get a better copy of the commercial I'll post it here.
And here's an inside scoop for ya - that little boy in the commercial? It's a girl.
Keep in mind we've been catching it on Canadian Bravo but I have no idea when it airs in the States - we were told it would air during the season premieres of "Dancing With the Stars" and "Deal or No Deal" but that was last May. All of that could change for all we know. We were lucking that we just happened to see Ever while Sean was changing channels!
It's amazing how different she looks with her new teeth. Also - she's got a big ole gap goin' on, and I'm curious to see if the next teeth will fix it, or if it'll stay until she gets her back teeth - or maybe the gap will stay for good? Only time will tell.
Also, we had An Issue with Bangs or No Bangs for about the past month or so, and in the end, Sean threw in the towel and just today said "Go ahead and give her bangs - her hair is in her eyes." So this Friday (I'm working until then) Ever will get some bangs. I'm much more excited about this than I should be. Oh, and I got a haircut and took off a lot of length. It needed to be done. Pic on Flickr. It's not too flattering so I didn't put it here.
Tons more videos on YouTube.