It's been another good month for us and our family. Jamey and Aubrey (April's newlyweds) are pregnant and due in January. Ben (Jamey's brother) and Natalie got married earlier this month and Ever and I were lucky enough to attend their wedding as well. Sean worked for another construction company for a couple months and decided he didn't like it, so he's back to work for his cousin Shane (which brings his commute from an hour to - about 5 minutes). My work is still going great and I hope it continues. We are spending as much time as possible with our cousins here and it makes me feel good knowing we have family here. It's nice to see us all milling about while the kids are playing together and think "THIS is why we moved here - THIS is exactly what we wanted." I still feel so lucky that we were able to accomplish this.
I have been diagnosed with tenosynovitis (or "Intersection Syndrome") in my right arm which was awful. It has to do with the ligaments in my arm getting swollen and scraping against each other - and it spreads as it gets worse. Planting eight large tomato plants three weeks ago didn't help, and by the time I got back from Indiana (after flying alone with a two-year old) I had to get treatment. Treatment included taking over a week off from work just after taking a week off to go to Indiana! I felt like a total slacker. But it is getting better - I've had ultrasound and TENS therapy and it feels much better - I am now required to wear a big ole splint for a few more weeks while it heals but it's worth it. I can kinda type, kinda use my mouse, and I now write with a left slant.
Playing with Play-Doh
She loves to read
23 Months Old!
Ever with her Great Grandma
Grandma Charis and Ever
Newlyweds Natalie & Ben
Todd, Taylor, and Carrie
I had a really great time being back home - it was thunderstormy and tornado-y the whole time - there's just something SO different about the air/weather/pressure there. They even had two tornadoes touch down in South Bend about 45 minutes before Ever and I landed there - but thankfully we didn't even know about until we were there safely.
I miss my family the more I visit them, it seems. I also did a bad job of taking pictures on this trip - there are more, but not enough.
My Mom & Jeff move here in a few weeks! Well, not here exactly, but Lynden, Washington, which will take about 45 minutes to drive barring crazy border wait-times. I really look forward to having my Mom around regularly!

Cousin Bradley & I at the wedding reception
Just some TMI to some of you who want to know if I'm pregnant again yet - no, I'm not. I'm not ovulating again yet, and it's been 8 months since we lost the baby. I thought it was coming back again but I was wrong - blood tests verified that I'm having periods but not releasing any eggs (what a rip off!). I am charting my cycles and seeing a doctor so we can look into the problem further, but this all takes time (I have Wednesdays off, so appointments are few and far-between since I only make my appointments for Wednesdays- I've missed enough work this year). I re-read Taking Charge of Your Fertility (I wish I could afford to buy it for all of my female cousins) and I am all studied up. Now I just have to be patient to figure out my body's problem.
(Anyone out there that can tell me the procedure for "checking" my fallopian tubes? Is it painful? That's our next step.)
Pictures are still updated regularly on Flickr - and I'm uploading videos there as well (so far I'm not impressed - you need to let the video load for quite a while before playing it or it's too chunky). I may transfer all the other videos to Flickr when I get time (HAHAHAHAHA time) if it stops being so wonky.