I can't really tell you why I haven't been here - I guess it's a combination of things. The computer is in the basement. It's a new computer and I still don't fully know how to use the programs we've installed. I have a toddler. I am working 4 days a week now. My life is all about my family. My life is just not as bloggable as it used to be, I guess.
We've had a good spring. Ever and I flew out to Indiana for Jamey & Aubrey's wedding in April (yes, they are now pregnant!) and we go back in two weeks for Ben & Natalie's wedding.
Our cousin Debra, Geneva's Mama, is pregnant and due in September.
We are still not pregnant and we are looking in to it.
Mom & Jeff were here for a week. Sean's Mom and Aunts and cousins were here last week.
Joe and Jean move back to the Seattle area the end of next month. My Mom & Jeff move to Lynden, Washington in July.
Ever will turn 2 in July as well.
My Uncle Wes has been elected to be in the Indiana House of Representatives.
I baked Hello Dollies for Her Royal Highness Princess Benedickte of Denmark.
Aubrey, Jamey, Ever
Ever & Todd
Ever, Laura, Chris
Ever at the wedding
Ever & Aviva
Ever & Daddy
Ever & Geneva
Pictures are still updated regularly on Flickr, and videos are posted once in a while, too.