Spring has sprung in the form of rain and cold winds.
I had a great evening last night - we saw Automaton at the Graceland and I got to talk to a couple of them for a few minutes, plus I saw Jason Guyer and (hopefully) talked him into letting me put some of his photos online. My cousin Jason played drums with his new band last night - I haven't seen him drum in years, and he sure is fun to watch.
The car has been tuned up and we're ready to go. Jon will be running the marathon in Vancouver this weekend - so, you all have a good weekend!
Jon did a great job in the marathon - although I had quite the time waiting for him at the finish line. It was super freezing cold outside, plus raining, hailing, and flooding on the bridge (where I was posted to get the "crossing the finish line" shot). I was stranded in this weather with a grocery bag full of water, gatorade, Jon's camera, and bagels, but I couldn't put it down or it would've gotten soaked. I cursed him under my breath for an hour until he finally finished.
By the way, there is nothing to do in Vancouver on a Sunday at 7 a.m.
Monday we rushed off to Graceland to see Hot Hot Heat, only to find out that they were stuck at the border and couldn't perform. Tuesday we went to the Mariners vs. Blue Jays game and Sean was torn. During the seventh inning Amy and I went to get some free beef jerky samples for the boys (which was later coined "Rally Meat") but it didn't work. The Jays won.
We will be going to the Boston game this Saturday, plus I have a LIST of things to do, all for other people, this weekend.
The Kids in the Hall will be at Scarecrow Video Tuesday afternoon before their show at the Paramount. I am so psyched! The weather is finally beautiful today, which means that I'll have an ever better time working at Johnston Architects and grocery shopping this afternoon.
Oh! I'm changing my web server to Jon's place this weekend so things may be a bit funky for the next few days. Apologies.
I've been quite the socialite lately, going to Mariners games, seeing a play, and Sean and I were thrilled to see the Kids in the Hall perform live at Paramount Theater. We've also rented Novocain (I loved it - and I've loved all three roles of Steve Martin as a dentist!) and Mulholland Dr. (I'm still mulling over it). Today we lost in softball and the Leafs lost in hockey. To make up for it, a portion of the softball team went to see Star Wars tonight. I did not.
Check out the new front page of the Johnston Architects website! [I'm proud.]