Fun With Babies!
Ever with cousin Geneva

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I finally dumped Enetations comment system after sending about five e-mails asking for help and noting how their website hardly even works anymore. I've received maybe 3000 (yes, thousand) spam comments since Ever was born and I just couldn't keep up anymore. I'd like to transfer all the old comments someday but it will have to wait for now.
I'm sorry it took so long to update this site - after visiting Florida for a week I had so many pictures and videos I wanted to get those up first.
Florida was fantastic - it was Ever & I visiting my grandparents (Ever's "GiGi & G.P.") at their condo on Estero beach in Ft. Myers, along with my step-mother Kay, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Julie, Aunt Alene, cousin Lee, and Aunt Val with her daughter Cydney, who is 8 months older than Ever (her coming home party was the night of Ever's birth! She was adopted from China). I wish we could have stayed longer but Sean had a hard enough time as it was.
While we were there I did a lot of clothes shopping (mainly Old Navy and the Gap outlet) and Ever perfected her crawling/climbing skills. She is still toothless, thankfully. The weather was gorgeous and I couldn't have asked for a better trip!

Cydney & Ever

Auntie Nancy & Ever

She loved the shoe store mirrors

Ever with her GiGi

Cydney Allyn

My Crazy Climber

New clothes!

Coming home to Shane's birthday party
My Mom (Grandma Charis) gets here Saturday and we'll head down to Seattle for about 30 hours to pick up some stuff at Jon & Amy's and try to do a dinner/visit while we are there. We will also be remodeling our bedroom while she visits so we can't be away too long.