So pink it hurts.

Lemme tell you why I never want to go to Larry's Market again.
I went there to get broccoli for our Broccoli Bleu Cheese Casserole (recipe here) and I don't want to go to Central because I'm going south and Central is north. So I kinda have to go to Larry's. They are out of broccoli. Like, completely out of broccoli. I ask the produce guy "So, where's the broccoli?" and he says "oh well big storm.... freeze.... blah blah blah...." and I just walked away. A few minutes later at QFC, I purchased broccoli - they had loads of it.

Another trip to Larry's and the kid bagging my groceries was talking to another employee - saying how much he hated working there, and if he gets the same schedule next week,
he'll quit, and even though they aren't allowed to take tips,

Hot commodity
he took a two dollar tip earlier. He was so obnoxious we actually complained to management about him.
Last night I went to Larry's Market. I'm just so lazy I figured I'd just deal with it. Besides, I love their peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies, even though they haven't carried them for months now. I still look.
Okay, so I go in and see that the cookies still don't exist. Big surprise there. But the broccoli? A week has gone by and it's empty again. Just teeny post-bits of broccoli. Frustrated, I go to find bleu cheese dressing (their own brand) and I'm cautious, because the stuff is expensive and expires within something like three days so you always have to check and make sure it doesn't expire by tomorrow, plus they're usually out of it. I was pleased to see that they had it in stock, until I realized that it expired yesterday. Yuck.
Buying salmon wasn't much better. The guy gave me a hard time because I only wanted a half-pound, and he complained about cutting a piece that small. Hmph. [This made me think of Peter at the Central Market Seafood department, who cleans and de-beards mussels for us while we do the rest of our shopping. We don't even ask - he offers.]
Already annoyed, I head over to the dairy section to get milk and hear the new sound effects installed. Perhaps the Dairy Farmers Association did this, I don't know. But there's mooing and it's disturbing. See - it's pleasant when Central Market has these sound effects. The sound of a rainstorm when it sprays the produce, the sound of seagulls at the seafood department. These are the sounds that the produce hears, and the fish hear. It's geographical and logical and hell, I dunno, metaphysical. But the mooing at Larry's Market sounded like a bunch of hormonal dairy cows crammed in stalls hooked up to machine. I mean, why would they be mooing anyway? It didn't necessarily sound like happy mooing. I figure they moo when there's a problem, not just to chat. I mean really, when you hear a cow moo, do you think it's saying "Hey Ted, how's it going?" or is it really more like "Hey, who's the jerk standing on my foot?" You know?.... is it just me?
Anyway, I'd had it. I was annoyed and getting depressed and ready to go vegan.
And Larry's website sucks.

I go to the Social Security office to get a Social Security card with my new last name on it. Okay, it's not new, I've been married for over seven years now, but gimme a break, I was in Canada. Don't interrupt.
So I grab a numbered tag and find the application, and reach behind me to pull up a chair to sit at the side-desk and fill out the application. I'm pulling a heavy chair and turn around to see that the chairs are connected by mega-twist ties and I'm actually dragging a full chair-train across the floor. The security guard there says "Lemme get a chair for you." I wanted to crawl under the carpet.
Then I drop my papers all over the place.
When I go to pick it up, I realize I have caramel all over my hands from my Starbucks cup. And now it's on my paperwork. So I ask the security guy where the bathroom is and it turns out he's standing right next to a door with a 8"x 8" sign that says WOMEN'S and he points at it. I'm so horrified I can't even make a joke so I go "Oh. Okay." I wash the caramel off.
I come back out and the security guard tells me that I can't have drinks there. I am positive that, at that moment, I am the reason why you can't have drinks there. There is no garbage can. I am dumbfounded. I must have stood in front of this guy for a full 30 seconds panning the room just trying to figure out what to do with the cup in my hand. I mean, there was no cell in my brain to tell me what to do. I was rendered powerless. He says, "If you don't want to throw it away, you can set it on top of the boxes in the lobby." and I nod blankly and walk away.
I know how this started. As soon as I walked in, the guy was watching me. I'm not good with audiences (believe it or not).


Being the obsessive freak that I am, I saw Hot Hot Heat yet again at the Crocodile Thursday night. They did a great job - I'm so happy for them! If you wanna hear them, go download their mp3 from Sub-Pop. We also went to see Automaton last night at Graceland but they canceled again. I love Automaton but I have been disappointed for three of the four shows that I've seen.
Before going to the non-show, we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I wish Jon had cable so we could've watched it on the CBC. Bob Costas and Katie Couric ruined the spirit with their part-cheese part-venom commentary. Someone should design t-shirts to sell at the Olympics that say "Ban Commentary."