I did it! I managed to do a January post!
And if it weren't a snow day, I can't say that I would have made it!
It dumped snow all last night and this morning, on top of the matted down snow/ice from Sunday all day, and it seems that our hill/neighborhood is the last to get plowed `round here, so the whole dang family is taking a snow day.
Tomoka took Ever outside to play in the snow, so I finally have a chance to sit here and say Hi.

Florida was great, as it always was, although I must admit it was much quieter this year. I'm sure most people would appreciate that, but I personally loved the chaos and stupidity of... us, and now that my cousins are all settling down, that seems to have waned. Jamey and Aubrey get married this April, Ben and Natalie get married this June.
Tomoka and I stayed behind in Florida an extra week after Sean left, and by the last three days it was just us with my Dad & Kay, which was nice since my Dad and Kay were then able to spend a lot of time with Ever.
My Grandma & Grandpa are back in Florida this spring, which is good news. They thought maybe because of Grandma's cancer (yeah) they'd have to stay home for hospital visits, but instead she was given permission to hang out in Florida for a while. Which is nice since it's a lot more fun to walk around the beach then drive around in snow.
I still love my job at Girl Guides.
Ever has many more teeth. She is saying a few more words, although most are words that only we understand. She is laughing a lot more which makes us very happy. She really really loves stickers.
We went to Seattle last weekend for Maggi & Jeff's Not-Wedding and while we were there we had a lovely time with the landlords and we stayed with Noah and Monica. We had brief visits with our past-neighbor Sylvia, a quick Hello to Benjamin Maxwell (JonandAmy's boy), another quick Hello at Johnston Architects, and brunch with Josh of Josh-and-Emily fame. I had barely enough time to go to Target, and no time to go to Trader Joe's, which means I'll have to go again soon. I really need like a whole week to visit Seattle. And that doesn't even include touristy stuff.
Also I saw our old house and took pictures - I'll put them on Flickr later. It's interesting!
I can't do picture descriptions anymore because I have the new version of Dreamweaver, and like I said last month, I don't get it. All formatting is completely wonky and uncontrollable and I HATE HATE HATE it, so I'm sorry if my site is looking weird these days.
Happy 2008 everyone.