Later January 2007 entries

Pictures from our holidays
I just want to post that there are still a bunch of people that don't understand the "Flickr" link above. Look just below "" and see the word "Flickr"? If you click that, you will see new pictures daily, even if I don't update my blog for weeks. Okay?
Christmas in Indiana was fantastic. Ever did a fabulous job on the plane (she sees plane rides as opportunities to smile at 100 people). Since we celebrated Christmas on the 23rd, Santa had a chance to come over and visit! He had a bag of toys for my cousin Jen's kids, and had a nice talk with them. Our days were filled with lots of food, ruthless triple solitaire, gifts galore, and more food. (Thanks again, Doug, for your awesome baking.) We got so much stuff that my Mom & Jeff had to take two suitcases of stuff to Seattle with her to leave with Jon & Amy, so I need to head back down to Seattle soon!

With my cousin Jen

Logan, Ashlyn, Santa, Parker

Mom's Christmas tree

Ever got many gifts!

Wiped out

With Great Grandma Connie

Aunt Pat & Uncle Steve

Post dinner with Poppy

Maxine the Cat babysat

Goofing off with Sean

Jeff, Rocky, Smitty, and Aunt Ferne

Ever with her Grandma Charis
After Christmas we went to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, where my Dad's side of the family gets together every year for the holidays. It was wonderfully warm and Ever had 30+ people to play with every day. She ate a couple handfuls of sand and had the social life that she loves.

With Daddy & Uncle Todd in the pool

We love swimming!

Cutie Baby

Fun in the sand

Enjoying the beach

With her Uncle Burt

Wes, Me, Ben, Julie, Nancy, Ever, Dylan

Asleep with Todd

All of us

We brought in the New Year on the beach but let Ever sleep this year. I remember telling Sean last year on the same beach, while 11 weeks pregnant, "Next New Year sure is going to be different" and I was right.
Ever didn't enjoy the flights home nearly as much - by the second flight she actually cried like a baby and finally passed out for the last hour and a half. The flights were long - about three and four hours. Shane picked us up at the airport and we saw snow on the ground which, thankfully, had mostly melted earlier that day. It took me about four days to finally unpack, not to mention the laundry and trying to get back into a normal schedule while Ever decided to start waking up at 7 instead of 10.
Yesterday it snowed yet again and Tara and I got stuck while driving home from the mall by my house. I actually had to leave the car on the road with the hazards on for Sean to rescue later, while Tara and I trekked in the snow, with Tara pushing Ever in the stroller, in the freezing cold. It's moments like this that I think of how we'll be going back to Florida next month for a week, and I'm so thankful!
On a side note - Ever now has goat milk once a day while I'm still nursing. We started it in Florida and she's taken to it very well. Still no solids unless it's just for fun. She'll be 6 months on the 20th.

With Grandma Kay on New Year's Eve
Dominique missed us terribly - she hasn't stopped meowing since we got home. Ever now prefers to stand as often as possible (with assistance) and LOVES drinking out of water bottles. She also has her Exersaucer all figured out and spends a lot of time in it. Still no teeth yet. We still haven't had a chance to visit with our cousins since our return because of the weather. I really look forward to seeing Ever & Geneva together since a few weeks have passed.
Sorry it took so long to update - I had a lot of pictures to sort through.